ChatGPT, Claude and Perplexity All Down Today

ChatGPT, Claude and Perplexity All Down Today

Takumi Sato
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Widespread AI Outage Disrupts Services from Major Providers

Early Tuesday morning, major AI services, including OpenAI's ChatGPT, Anthropic's Claude, and Perplexity, experienced significant disruptions. ChatGPT, which had recently recovered from an outage, went down again around 7:33 AM PT and was restored around 10:17 AM PT. During the outage, ChatGPT's website displayed a message indicating the service was at capacity, using playful pirate language to notify users. Claude and Perplexity also faced issues, with Claude's site displaying a server error and Perplexity showing an over-capacity message. Meanwhile, there were reports of Google's Gemini AI briefly going offline, although it appeared to be operational as of the latest updates.

Key Takeaways

  • OpenAI's ChatGPT experienced a multi-hour outage from 7:33 AM to 10:17 AM PT.
  • Anthropic's Claude and Perplexity also faced issues, potentially due to high traffic from ChatGPT's outage.
  • Google's Gemini may have briefly gone offline, according to user reports.
  • ChatGPT, Claude, and Perplexity services have since resumed normal operations.


The simultaneous outage of major AI services indicates a possible systemic infrastructure issue or cascading effects from high traffic, potentially triggered by ChatGPT's prior outage. This disruption impacted users globally, affecting productivity and trust in AI reliability. It raises concerns about the robustness and redundancy planning of AI services, with potential short-term consequences such as service delays and loss of user engagement, as well as long-term implications leading to increased scrutiny on AI service reliability.

Did You Know?

  • Anthropic's Claude: It is designed to handle complex queries and provide detailed responses, emphasizing safety and interpretability in AI outputs.
  • Perplexity: It is an AI-powered search engine that provides direct answers to queries using natural language processing, aiming to give precise answers.
  • Google's Gemini AI: Developed to handle a wide range of tasks from conversational AI to complex problem-solving as part of Google's broader efforts in AI research and development.

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