Maryland to Implement Maryland Kids Code and Online Privacy Act

Maryland to Implement Maryland Kids Code and Online Privacy Act

Iliana Vasquez
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Maryland Kids Code and Maryland Online Privacy Act Signed into Law

Maryland Governor Wes Moore is set to sign the Maryland Kids Code into law on Thursday, effectively prohibiting certain features used by platforms to increase children's use and tracking of users under 18. Another bill, the Maryland Online Privacy Act, is also expected to be signed and will restrict platforms' data collection and targeted advertising, scheduled to take effect on October 2024.

Key Takeaways

  • Maryland Kids Code and Maryland Online Privacy Act passed, imposing limitations on tech platforms' data collection and usage.
  • Maryland Kids Code prohibits specific video game, social media, and other platforms from tracking users under 18.
  • NetChoice, representing tech behemoths, opposes the bills, contending they infringe upon the First Amendment.
  • Maryland Age-Appropriate Design Code Act, part of Kids Code, will be enforceable from October 2023.
  • Maryland legislators aim to safeguard children, while tech companies argue that the bills pose a threat to free speech.


The enactment of the Maryland Kids Code and Maryland Online Privacy Act presents a substantial shift towards enhanced privacy protection for minors, possibly inspiring similar legislative measures in other states. These laws will substantially impact tech giants like Facebook and Google, reliant on data collection for targeted advertising, potentially leading to financial ramifications and legal contests. Meanwhile, minors under 18 stand to benefit from increased privacy and reduced manipulative practices by tech platforms. In the long run, these laws could spark innovation in advertising and data collection methods that uphold user privacy, ultimately advantageous for all consumers. Nevertheless, potential First Amendment infractions and complications related to interstate commerce could instigate legal controversies.

Did You Know?

  • Maryland Kids Code: A new law in Maryland designed to shield children from potential adverse effects of technology, banning certain platforms from using features that enhance children's usage and tracking users under 18. It encompasses the Maryland Age-Appropriate Design Code Act, which comes into effect in October 2023.
  • Maryland Online Privacy Act: Another law in Maryland that curtails platforms' data collection and targeted advertising, applicable to all users, not just those under 18. It is slated to come into force in October 2024.
  • NetChoice: This is a trade association representing tech behemoths like Facebook, Google, and Amazon, which have opposed the Maryland Kids Code and Maryland Online Privacy Act, citing First Amendment violations. The First Amendment safeguards freedom of speech, and NetChoice argues that the statutes would encroach upon tech companies' right to communicate with their users.

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