Meta Quest 2 VR Headset Prices Drop

Lucia Bianchi
1 min read

Meta has surprised the VR market by dropping the price of its Quest 2 VR headset to below $200, fueling speculation of a new model on the horizon. CNET, which has consistently awarded the Quest 2 as the Editors' Choice VR headset, highlights its standalone capability, diverse range of games, effective fitness apps, and compatibility with PCs. The recent price reduction to $199 for the 128GB model has made it even more appealing, with the possibility of an even newer model on the horizon. Walmart is sweetening the deal with a $50 store credit, while Amazon is offering the item at the same price but without the store credit. Rumors suggest that a lower-cost version of the Meta Quest 3, possibly without controllers, might hit the market, although it's doubtful that it would match the affordability of the Quest 2. Despite its debut in 2020 and the anticipated release of the Quest 3 with better specifications, the Quest 2 continues to offer an impressive range of features and functionality. Nevertheless, the affordability of the Quest 2 should prompt potential buyers to consider if they should hold out for an even more advanced version in the near future. Overall, the Quest 2, now available for $199, remains the most accessible VR experience, but consumers should weigh the possibility of an impending improved version before making a purchase decision.

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