Meta to Shut Down Workplace, Recommends Workvivo as Alternative

Meta to Shut Down Workplace, Recommends Workvivo as Alternative

Lorenzo Bianchi
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Meta to Shut Down Workplace Platform in 2026

Meta, previously known as Facebook, has announced the closure of its enterprise communication platform, Workplace, in 2026. Until May 2026, the platform will remain read-only and will subsequently be decommissioned. Meta has endorsed Workvivo, which is owned by Zoom, as a suitable alternative for migration. This decision aligns with Meta's shift in focus towards AI and metaverse technologies. Initially developed from Facebook's internal communications system, Workplace struggled to compete with industry leaders such as Slack and Microsoft Teams. The closure will impact numerous employees and customers, who are urged to download their data and consider transitioning to Workvivo.

Key Takeaways

  • Meta is shutting down Workplace, its enterprise communication platform, in 2026.
  • Workplace will transition to a read-only state until May 2026, after which it will be completely decommissioned.
  • Meta recommends Workvivo, owned by Zoom, as a migration-ready alternative.
  • The decision to close Workplace enables Meta to prioritize AI and metaverse technologies.
  • Workplace faced challenges in competing with Slack and Microsoft Teams, ultimately leading to the recommendation of Workvivo.


Meta's decision to shutter Workplace in 2026 will have implications for both employees and customers, who will need to transition to alternative platforms such as Workvivo or Microsoft Teams. Driven by Workplace's struggles against competitors like Slack and Teams, this move allows Meta to focus on AI and metaverse technologies. Organizations relying on Workplace must adapt swiftly, while competitors may experience an influx of users. In the long run, this shift may stimulate further innovation in enterprise communication platforms, with Meta potentially influencing metaverse-integrated solutions. Overall, the business world will need to adapt to Meta's pivot and the evolving landscape of enterprise communication tools.

Did You Know?

  • Workplace by Meta: Originally known as Facebook Workplace, this enterprise communication platform was designed to offer businesses a secure and robust platform for communication and collaboration, stemming from Facebook's internal communication system.
  • Workvivo: A modern intranet, communication, and engagement solution for businesses, Workvivo is being recommended as a migration-ready alternative by Meta for Workplace customers.
  • Metaverse: This concept refers to a shared virtual space created by the merging of virtually enhanced physical reality and persistent virtual reality, encompassing virtual worlds, augmented reality, and the internet.

Understanding these key concepts can keep business and tech professionals informed about the latest industry developments.

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