Meta Unveils 3D Gen AI System for Rapid 3D Object Generation

Meta Unveils 3D Gen AI System for Rapid 3D Object Generation

Lila Desrosiers
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Meta Unveils 3D Gen AI System for Rapid 3D Object Generation

Meta has introduced a cutting-edge AI system called 3D Gen, which can rapidly produce high-quality 3D objects from textual descriptions. This innovative system integrates two existing Meta models, AssetGen and TextureGen, to streamline the process of creating and texturing 3D objects. In just under a minute, AssetGen generates a textured 3D object with support for Physical Based Rendering (PBR) and TextureGen further optimizes or creates a new texture for the object, all within a total timeframe of 50 seconds.

Meta claims that 3D Gen surpasses other industry solutions in terms of both speed and quality, with professional 3D artists rating it particularly highly for complex tasks. The AI system is reported to be 3 to 60 times faster than comparable solutions, marking a significant advancement in the realm of 3D content creation. Meta sees this development as pivotal for facilitating the creation of personalized, user-generated 3D content, which could play a key role in shaping virtual worlds within the metaverse.

Key Takeaways

  • Meta's 3D Gen swiftly generates high-quality 3D objects from text, under a minute.
  • The integration of AssetGen and TextureGen enhances 3D content generation.
  • The AI system outperforms comparable solutions, being 3 to 60 times faster.
  • Professional 3D artists recognize the superior performance of 3D Gen, particularly in handling complex requests.
  • Meta views 3D Gen as essential for empowering personalized 3D content in the metaverse.


Meta's 3D Gen represents a groundbreaking shift in 3D content creation, with far-reaching implications for artists and technology enterprises. The increase in speed and quality of outputs promises to enhance productivity and accelerate metaverse development. While short-term repercussions include potential job realignments for artists, the emergence of new roles is anticipated in the long run. Competitors may need to innovate to avoid becoming obsolete, and the financial markets could respond positively to Meta's strengthened technological leadership.

Did You Know?

  • 3D Gen:
    • Explanation: 3D Gen is an advanced AI system developed by Meta, specializing in rapidly generating high-quality 3D objects from textual descriptions. By leveraging AssetGen and TextureGen, this system represents a significant advancement in the field of 3D content creation, prioritizing speed and quality.
  • Physical Based Rendering (PBR):
    • Explanation: PBR is a rendering technique that aims to produce realistic lighting and material effects by simulating the interaction of light with surfaces based on physics. PBR support in 3D Gen ensures that the generated 3D objects not only look visually appealing but also accurately reflect real-world lighting conditions and material properties.
  • Metaverse:
    • Explanation: The metaverse is a combined virtual space, integrating enhanced physical reality, augmented reality, and the internet. It encompasses various virtual environments where people can engage in interactions, work, play, and socialize. Meta's development of 3D Gen is a critical step toward enabling the creation of personalized, user-generated 3D content within these virtual worlds.

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