Meta's Threads Hits 175 Million Users Milestone

Meta's Threads Hits 175 Million Users Milestone

Irina Petrovich
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Meta’s Threads Continues to Surge with 175 Million Monthly Active Users

Meta’s Threads has achieved a major milestone with over 175 million monthly active users, just before celebrating its first anniversary. This indicates a considerable leap from the 150 million users reported in April. The announcement was made by Mark Zuckerberg, highlighting the platform's growing influence.

Key Takeaways

  • Meta's Threads has reached 175 million monthly active users.
  • A majority of Threads posts (63%) are text-only, while a significant portion (25%) include images.
  • The platform has witnessed the creation of over 50 million tags, with PhotographyThreads, BookThreads, and GymThreads being the most popular.
  • Threads is focused on user-requested features such as a web app and an edit button, while steering clear of political discourse.


The substantial growth of Meta's Threads to 175 million users is attributed to its integration with Instagram and its avoidance of political content. This growth has indirect implications for its competitors, potentially diverting ad revenue and user attention from platforms like Twitter and X. Threads' success is expected to bolster Meta's market position in the short term and has the potential to redefine social media dynamics in the long term by focusing on niche communities and user-centric features.

Did You Know?

  • Meta's Threads: This social media platform was developed by Meta Platforms, Inc., the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, as a direct competitor to Twitter. It primarily focuses on short-form text and multimedia posts and integrates closely with Instagram.

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