Microsoft's Hiring of Inflection's Talent Sparks Concern and Uncertainty

Lars Jørgensen
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Key Takeaways:

  • Microsoft's hiring of Inflection's CEO and most of its staff has caused concerns and uncertainties among the startup's employees and backers.
  • Greylock, the VC firm behind Inflection, has had to navigate a delicate balance in light of the Microsoft deal.
  • The hiring has led to a complex situation for individuals like Calvin Lee, who was recruited by Inflection and was also expected to receive an offer from Microsoft.
  • The hiring demonstrates the interconnection between Silicon Valley venture-capital firms, startups, and big tech companies.


This news highlights the intricate relationships and implications of Microsoft's hiring of key Inflection personnel, illustrating the complex dynamics between startups, VCs, and tech giants. The move has raised uncertainties and potential challenges for those involved, indicating broader reverberations within the tech ecosystem.

Do You Know?

  • Greylock is a prominent venture-capital firm known for its investments in various high-profile startups.
  • Inflection is a buzzy generative-AI company with significant backing from notable investors including Bill Gates and Eric Schmidt.

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