Microsoft Notepad to Add Spell Check and Autocorrect Features

Santiago Martinez
1 min read

The Microsoft Notepad app is set to introduce new spell check and autocorrect features, resembling Microsoft Word more closely. The update is currently available in Windows 11 Preview Build through the Windows Insider Program. Users will be able to customize these features and tailor them to their preferences. The new settings will allow users to select file types to which the features apply. However, this evolution of Notepad may receive mixed reactions from users, as seen with the previous introduction of AI writing assistant, Cowriter. Microsoft's efforts to inject AI into user experience may not align with the preferences of all users. The company seems to be heeding user feedback by giving more control to users through customizable settings. This development comes after Microsoft discontinued WordPad, signaling a shift in its product offerings. These changes raise questions about the balance between simplicity and advanced functionality in Microsoft's apps.

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