Microsoft Settles €20M EU Antitrust Complaint

Microsoft Settles €20M EU Antitrust Complaint

Elena Petrovna
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Microsoft Resolves EU Antitrust Complaint with €20 Million Settlement

Microsoft has reached a €20 million settlement with the European Union to address an antitrust complaint related to its cloud computing licensing practices. The agreement mitigates the risk of facing an extensive EU investigation and substantial fines. The complaint, brought forth by the Cloud Infrastructure Services Providers in Europe (CISPE) in late 2022, alleged that Microsoft's specific contractual terms were detrimental to Europe’s cloud ecosystem.

As part of the settlement, Microsoft has committed to developing a product that enables CISPE members to utilize Microsoft software on their platforms at competitive rates. Brad Smith, President of Microsoft, expressed contentment with the resolution, highlighting the potential for increased competition within the European cloud market.

However, the response from other industry giants has been mixed. Representatives from AWS and Google Cloud have continued to voice skepticism regarding Microsoft's practices, advocating for more comprehensive reforms. Furthermore, Mark Boost from UK-based Civo cautioned about potential long-term repercussions despite short-term gains for CISPE members. On the other hand, CISPE Secretary General, Francisco Mingorance, perceives the settlement as a positive stride towards establishing a level playing field for European cloud providers.

Key Takeaways

  • Microsoft settles EU antitrust complaint with a €20 million agreement.
  • The settlement avoids potential EU fines and preempts an investigation.
  • Microsoft to create a product for CISPE members using Azure infrastructure at competitive rates.
  • Cloud industry remains skeptical, calling for broader changes to Microsoft's practices.
  • CISPE Secretary General sees the agreement as ensuring a level playing field for European cloud providers.


Microsoft's €20 million settlement with CISPE alleviates immediate regulatory pressures, fostering competition in Europe's cloud market. Short-term gains include competitive pricing for CISPE members, but broader industry skepticism persists, particularly from AWS and Google Cloud, highlighting potential long-term challenges. This resolution may prompt broader reforms, impacting global cloud dynamics and financial markets.

Did You Know?

  • Antitrust Complaint:
    • An antitrust complaint is a legal action alleging that a company has engaged in monopolistic or anti-competitive practices, which harm the market or consumers. In this case, Microsoft faced a complaint from CISPE for allegedly disadvantaging Europe’s cloud ecosystem through specific contractual terms.
  • Cloud Infrastructure Services Providers in Europe (CISPE):
    • CISPE is an industry association representing European cloud infrastructure service providers. Its primary goal is to promote a fair and competitive cloud market in Europe. CISPE filed the antitrust complaint against Microsoft, accusing it of unfair practices in its cloud computing licensing terms.
  • Level Playing Field:
    • A level playing field refers to a fair competitive environment where all participants have equal opportunities and access to resources, without any undue advantages or disadvantages. CISPE Secretary General, Francisco Mingorance, views the settlement as a step towards ensuring such fairness for European cloud providers in their competition with Microsoft.

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