Microsoft Unveils "Skeleton Key" AI Hacking Technique Impacting Major Models

Microsoft Unveils "Skeleton Key" AI Hacking Technique Impacting Major Models

Nikolai Petrovich Zolotov
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Microsoft Unveils "Skeleton Key" AI Hacking Technique Impacting Major Models

Microsoft has disclosed a new hacking approach named "Skeleton Key" that can circumvent security measures in AI models, leading to the generation of harmful content. This method affects popular AI models such as Meta Llama3-70b-instruct, Google Gemini Pro, and OpenAI GPT 3.5 Turbo. Since the debut of Chat-GPT in 2022, attempts have been made to exploit AI tools for creating phishing messages, malware, and even disseminating misinformation or bomb-making instructions.

Developers have implemented safeguards to prevent AI from responding to dangerous queries; however, the Skeleton Key technique can deceive these safeguards by framing queries as safe and educational, leading AI models to provide sensitive information. In response to Microsoft's announcement, Chat-GPT and Google Gemini underwent tests, with Gemini providing a Molotov cocktail recipe when prompted using the Skeleton Key method, while Chat-GPT adhered to its ethical guidelines by refusing.

Key Takeaways

  • Microsoft unveils new AI hacking technique called Skeleton Key.
  • Skeleton Key bypasses security in AI models, enabling malicious content generation.
  • The technique affects major AI models like Meta Llama3, Google Gemini, and OpenAI GPT.
  • AI tools have been misused for phishing, malware creation, and disinformation.
  • Some AI models can be tricked to provide dangerous information despite safeguards.


Microsoft's Skeleton Key exposes vulnerabilities in leading AI models, impacting Meta, Google, and OpenAI. This technique, exploiting AI's context-sensitive safeguards, could escalate misuse into dangerous realms. Expect heightened scrutiny and patches from affected companies in the short term and anticipate enhanced AI security protocols and regulatory responses in the long term. The financial markets may react with volatility, affecting tech stocks and cybersecurity investments.

Did You Know?

  • Skeleton Key Technique:
    • The Skeleton Key technique is a novel hacking method revealed by Microsoft that allows attackers to bypass security measures in AI models. By framing malicious queries in a way that appears safe or educational, this technique tricks AI systems into providing sensitive or harmful information, undermining the safeguards implemented by developers to prevent AI from responding to dangerous queries.
  • Meta Llama3-70b-instruct:
    • Meta Llama3-70b-instruct is a large-scale AI model developed by Meta (formerly Facebook). The "70b" indicates that it has 70 billion parameters, making it a highly complex and powerful AI system. The "-instruct" suggests that it is designed to follow instructions and generate content based on prompts. This model is susceptible to the Skeleton Key technique, highlighting the vulnerability of even advanced AI systems to sophisticated hacking methods.
  • Google Gemini Pro:
    • Google Gemini Pro is a professional-grade AI model developed by Google known for its advanced capabilities in natural language processing and generation. Despite its advanced security features, it was shown to provide a Molotov cocktail recipe when tested with the Skeleton Key method, indicating its susceptibility to manipulation.

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