Nala Secures $40M Funding for Global Expansion

Nala Secures $40M Funding for Global Expansion

Javier Rodriguez
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Nala Secures $40 Million in Series A Funding, Aiming for Global Remittance Expansion

Nala, a remittance startup, has successfully raised $40 million in a Series A funding round, marking it as one of the largest funding rounds in Africa. The funding was led by Acrew Capital and comes after a $10 million seed round in 2022. This significant injection of capital will enable Nala to expand its remittance services into Asian and Latin American markets while further strengthening its existing operations that allow money transfers to 11 African markets. Benjamin Fernandes, the CEO of Nala, emphasized the company's plans to extend its reach beyond Africa and create a robust payments ecosystem.

As of now, Nala's platform facilitates money transfers from the EU, UK, and US to 249 banks and 26 mobile money services in Africa. Moreover, the startup is expanding its B2B payments platform, Rafiki, to serve global businesses. Rafiki, which underpins Nala's consumer app, integrates directly with banks and mobile money providers, ensuring service reliability and lower costs for its users.

With the World Bank predicting significant growth in the remittance sector, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa, Nala aims to capitalize on this trend by reducing the cost of sending money across borders.

Key Takeaways

  • Nala secures $40 million in Series A funding, one of the largest in Africa, led by Acrew Capital.
  • Funds to expand remittance services to Asia and Latin America, following a $10 million seed round in 2022.
  • Nala's consumer app currently serves 11 African markets, integrating with 249 banks and 26 mobile money services.
  • New B2B platform Rafiki aims to enhance reliability and lower costs for cross-border payments.
  • Nala targets 500,000 customers and aims to leverage the growing remittance demand globally.


The $40 million Series A funding received by Nala, led by Acrew Capital, positions the company to expand its remittance services into Asia and Latin America, capitalizing on the rising global demand for such services. This funding will also bolster Nala's B2B platform, Rafiki, which aims to enhance cross-border payment reliability and cost efficiency. The expansion of Nala's services could potentially disrupt traditional remittance methods, ultimately benefitting users and early adopters like TransferGo. In the long run, Nala's growth may significantly reshape regional fintech landscapes and have a profound influence on banking and mobile money sectors.

Did You Know?

  • Series A Funding:
    • Series A funding typically occurs after seed funding and is aimed at scaling a startup's operations. It usually involves substantial investment to help the company grow and develop its product. Nala's ability to secure $40 million in Series A funding signifies strong investor confidence and indicates the potential for rapid expansion, particularly notable for a startup in Africa.
  • B2B Payments Platform (Rafiki):
    • A B2B (Business-to-Business) payments platform like Rafiki is designed to facilitate transactions between businesses, rather than between businesses and consumers. This platform is crucial for Nala as it not only supports its consumer app but also opens new revenue streams by serving other businesses globally, thereby strengthening its market reach and financial stability.
  • Digital Remittances:
    • Digital remittances involve the transfer of money across borders through digital platforms, typically online or via mobile apps. These services are often more cost-effective and faster than traditional remittance methods, such as bank transfers or money orders. The World Bank's prediction of growth in this sector highlights the increasing preference for digital solutions in financial services, especially in regions like sub-Saharan Africa.

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