NALA Secures $40M in Series A Funding for Global Expansion

NALA Secures $40M in Series A Funding for Global Expansion

Adanna Ezeagu
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NALA Secures $40 Million in Series A Funding for Global Expansion

UK-based fintech company NALA has successfully raised $40 million in Series A funding, propelling its total raised capital to over $50 million. This substantial investment, which follows a $10 million raise in 2022, is poised to bolster NALA's global outreach and fortify payment reliability throughout Africa. The company's steadfast dedication revolves around crafting community-driven financial solutions to streamline transactions within Africa and beyond.

Key Takeaways

  • NALA amasses $40 million in Series A funding to fuel its global presence and reinforce payment dependability.
  • NALA experiences a remarkable 34x surge in transaction volume over the past 20 months, marking an extraordinary growth trajectory.
  • With aspirations beyond the African continent, NALA aims to extend its consumer-centric operations to the worldwide migrant diaspora.
  • Plans are underway to establish proprietary payment channels and expand their Rafiki B2B platform, indicative of NALA's strategic evolution.
  • NALA, an organization that commenced with a team of seven, now serves over half a million customers with a workforce exceeding 100.


The infusion of $40 million in Series A funding into NALA signifies its rapid advancement and deliberate focus on global expansion, particularly targeting the migrant diaspora. This substantial capital injection is expected to expedite NALA's market penetration and enrich its competitive advantage within the fintech sector. Moreover, the company's expansion strategies, including the development of exclusive payment infrastructures and the enhancement of B2B services, could reshape cross-border payment dynamics, benefitting users with expedited and reliable transactions. The involvement of investors such as Acrew Capital, along with eminent figures from the fintech sphere, underscores the strong industry confidence and potential for NALA to emerge as a pivotal player in global fintech.

Did You Know?

  • Series A Funding:
    • This round of funding denotes a pivotal stage in venture capital financing, typically reached after the initial product development phase when companies begin to gain traction in the market. The infusion of $40 million in Series A funding will aid NALA's worldwide expansion efforts and fortify payment dependability in Africa.
  • Global Migrant Diaspora:
    • The global migrant diaspora denotes communities of individuals who have relocated from their home country to reside in other parts of the world. These communities often maintain strong ties with their countries of origin, frequently engaging in remittance activities. NALA's strategic targeting of the global migrant diaspora underscores their commitment to furnishing financial services tailored to the distinctive needs of these communities, including simplified and dependable cross-border payments.
  • Payment Rails:
    • Payment rails encompass the foundational infrastructure and systems facilitating monetary transfers between financial institutions. These structures encompass traditional banking networks, card networks, and contemporary technologies like blockchain. By crafting their proprietary payment rails, NALA endeavors to create a more streamlined and cost-efficient mechanism for facilitating payments, particularly in regions with limited or less reliable existing infrastructures, such as Africa.

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