Neiman Marcus Data Breach: 31 Million Email Addresses Exposed

Neiman Marcus Data Breach: 31 Million Email Addresses Exposed

Santiago Ramirez
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Neiman Marcus Data Breach Exposes Over 31 Million Customers' Data

The recent Neiman Marcus data breach has surpassed initial reports, impacting over 31 million customers. The breach, attributed to a compromised Snowflake cloud database, has raised concerns about data security and privacy.

Key Takeaways

  • Neiman Marcus breach affects over 31 million customers, not 65,000 as initially claimed.
  • Stolen data includes partial SSNs, transaction data, emails, and employee info.
  • Data breach originated from a compromised Snowflake cloud database.
  • Threat actor Sp1d3r demanded $150,000 for the stolen database on the dark web.
  • Neiman Marcus maintains its initial assessment despite evidence to the contrary.


The escalated impact of the Neiman Marcus data breach presents significant implications for customers, employees, and shareholders. This incident not only poses immediate legal and reputational challenges for the company but also raises broader questions about data protection in cloud-based systems.

Did You Know?

  • Dark Web: The dark web, accessible only through specific browsers like Tor, is often associated with illegal activities and the trading of stolen data and drugs. In the context of the breach, the hacker utilized the dark web to sell the stolen customer data, presenting challenges for law enforcement and cybersecurity professionals.
  • Snowflake Cloud Database: The compromised Snowflake database underscores the importance of securing cloud-based data storage solutions and the potential risks associated with them.
  • Threat Actor Sp1d3r: This hacker's actions highlight the capabilities of threat actors in compromising large-scale databases and the challenges they pose to businesses and consumers.

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