Netflix Phases Out Basic Plan for Subscribers, Pushes Ad-Supported Options

Netflix Phases Out Basic Plan for Subscribers, Pushes Ad-Supported Options

Daiane Silva
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Netflix Phases Out Basic Plan for Subscribers, Pushes Ad-Supported Options

Netflix is discontinuing its cheapest ad-free tier, known as the basic plan, prompting existing subscribers in Canada and the UK to choose from new subscription options. The $11.99 basic plan is being phased out, and users must now opt for the $6.99 ad-supported tier, the $15.49 ad-free standard tier, or the $22.99 ad-free 4K premium plan. This change follows Netflix's earlier announcement in January, indicating that the basic tier will be removed from existing subscribers' options starting in the second quarter, beginning with Canada and the UK. Netflix had already discontinued the basic plan for new or returning members in the US, Canada, and the UK last year. The company has not specified when the basic plan will be phased out for existing US subscribers. Netflix is increasingly pushing users towards its ad-supported plan, which has garnered over 40 million users as of May amidst significant growth.

Key Takeaways

  • Netflix is phasing out its cheapest ad-free tier for existing subscribers.
  • Users on the basic plan must select a new subscription option by July 13th to continue watching.
  • New options include an ad-supported tier at $6.99 and ad-free tiers at $15.49 and $22.99.
  • The impact primarily affects subscribers in Canada and the UK following earlier announcements.
  • Netflix's ad-supported plan has seen substantial growth, attracting over 40 million users.


Netflix's decision to phase out its cheapest ad-free tier primarily affects Canadian and UK subscribers, directing them towards more expensive or ad-supported plans. This strategic move is likely aimed at driving revenue and capitalizing on the expanding ad-supported market, which has amassed over 40 million users. In the short term, subscribers may push back against increased costs, but in the long run, this transition could stabilize Netflix's revenue model. Competitors and advertisers may also benefit from this change as viewers explore alternative platforms or adapt to ad-supported viewing.

Did You Know?

  • Ad-Supported Tier:
    • An ad-supported tier offers a subscription model with lower fees in exchange for watching advertisements, appealing to price-sensitive customers who might not otherwise subscribe.
  • 4K Premium Plan:
    • The 4K premium plan provides ultra-high definition video streaming, typically at 4K resolution, catering to users with high-end devices and capable internet connections.
  • Second Quarter:
    • In business and finance, the second quarter typically refers to the three-month period from April to June, often serving as a strategic window for companies to implement changes or product launches within specific quarters, aligning with fiscal calendars and market conditions.

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