Nintendo to Unveil Successor to Nintendo Switch

Nintendo to Unveil Successor to Nintendo Switch

Maia Torres
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Nintendo to Release Successor to Nintendo Switch Within This Fiscal Year

Nintendo's President, Shinto Furukawa, made an announcement about the release of the successor to the popular Nintendo Switch. The successor is expected to be unveiled within the current fiscal year, which ends in March 2025. However, it was clarified that the upcoming Nintendo Direct presentation in June will not mention the new console. Reports indicate that the successor, referred to as the "Switch 2," is planned for an early 2025 release, nearly eight years after the original Switch was launched. It has also been revealed that select third-party developers have had access to the new console since last year. This development has sparked speculation that Nintendo might delay the release to ensure a stronger lineup of first-party software for the launch.

Key Takeaways

  • The successor to the Nintendo Switch is expected to be announced before the end of the fiscal year.
  • The upcoming Nintendo Direct presentation in June will not feature any mention of the Switch 2.
  • Third-party developers have been in possession of the Switch 2's development kits since last year.
  • The planned release date for the Switch 2 is early 2025, marking a significant gap since the original Switch launch.
  • Nintendo may delay the release to enhance the launch lineup of first-party software, such as Metroid Prime 4.


The announcement of the successor to the Nintendo Switch, scheduled for early 2025, is set to impact third-party developers and gaming companies who may need to adjust their strategies in response to the new hardware. The decision to delay the June Direct presentation reflects Nintendo's emphasis on delivering high-quality software for the Switch 2's launch, potentially influencing short-term first-party game sales.

In the long run, the new console could potentially rejuvenate Nintendo's market share and competitiveness in the gaming industry. A stronger launch lineup may draw in more gamers. However, a delayed release may also provide opportunities for rivals, like Sony and Microsoft, to bolster their positions.

The announcement is likely to result in heightened consumer spending on gaming in strong Nintendo markets, including Japan, the US, and Europe. Investors are also expected to witness fluctuations in Nintendo's shares due to this news. Additionally, the gaming industry's financial instruments, such as gaming ETFs, might be impacted.

Did You Know?

  • Nintendo Direct: These online presentations by Nintendo serve as a platform for announcing and showcasing upcoming games and hardware. The absence of the Switch 2 in the upcoming June Nintendo Direct implies that Nintendo is not ready to reveal the new console yet and may opt for a separate event for the announcement.
  • Third-party developers: These are video game development companies other than Nintendo. It is crucial for Nintendo to secure support from these developers for the success of the new console, and the early access provided to them suggests efforts to build strong relationships.
  • First-party software: These are games developed and published by Nintendo itself. The decision to potentially delay the release of the Switch 2 in order to ensure a robust lineup of first-party software underscores the importance of these games in driving console sales and attracting customers.

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