NordVPN and ASUS Collaborate to Embed VPN Service in Routers

NordVPN and ASUS Collaborate to Embed VPN Service in Routers

Alexandra Cruz
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NordVPN Partners with ASUS to Integrate VPN into Networking Devices

NordVPN has announced a strategic collaboration with ASUS to embed its VPN service directly into ASUS networking devices, starting with two router models. This partnership aims to simplify the deployment of VPN services, enhancing cybersecurity for all connected devices, including those that do not support VPN software. The integrated VPN functionality will enable users to secure their internet connection without the need to install VPNs on individual devices, making it a game-changer for digital security.

Key Takeaways

  • NordVPN and ASUS join forces to integrate VPN services into ASUS networking devices.
  • ASUS’s RT-AX57 Go and GT-AX11000 Pro routers are the first models to feature the built-in NordVPN.
  • The integrated VPN enhances cybersecurity for all connected devices.
  • NordVPN offers substantial savings for longer commitments, potentially driving sales of ASUS routers and VPN subscriptions.
  • The collaboration plans to expand VPN integration to more ASUS router models in the future.


The NordVPN and ASUS collaboration represents a major stride in simplifying VPN deployment and significantly boosting cybersecurity for various devices. This strategic move not only benefits tech-savvy consumers and small businesses seeking enhanced online protection but also has the potential to drive sales for both ASUS routers and NordVPN subscriptions, especially with cost-effective long-term plans. Furthermore, this partnership positions both companies at the forefront of integrated cybersecurity solutions, signaling a shift towards secure internet access as a fundamental feature of networking devices.

Did You Know?

  • Built-in VPN in Networking Devices:
    • This integration refers to the embedding of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service directly into the hardware of routers or other networking equipment, simplifying the setup process and enhancing security for all connected devices, including those that may not support VPN software.
  • ASUS RT-AX57 Go and GT-AX11000 Pro:
    • These are specific router models with built-in NordVPN, signifying a strategic move towards providing enhanced cybersecurity directly at the network level.
  • Self-Service Page for Configuration:
    • This user-friendly interface allows users to set up and manage the built-in VPN service on their routers without technical expertise, making it accessible to a broader audience.

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