Northern Data AG Plans $16B IPO for AI Cloud and Data Businesses

Northern Data AG Plans $16B IPO for AI Cloud and Data Businesses

Elena Petrovich
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Northern Data AG Plans U.S. IPO for AI Cloud Computing and Data Center Businesses

Northern Data AG, a German company, is making strategic moves to expand its presence in the U.S. market through a planned initial public offering (IPO) for its AI cloud computing and data center businesses. The company aims for a valuation of up to $16 billion and is currently in discussions with potential advisers, with considerations for lead banks in the pipeline. The IPO, scheduled for the first half of the following year, seeks to list an entity that combines its cloud computing unit, Taiga, and data centers, Ardent, on the Nasdaq. Valuations suggested by banks range from $10 billion to $16 billion, and there are possibilities of Northern Data selling a minority stake before the listing.

In response to this development, shares of Northern Data surged by 19% in Frankfurt, marking its most substantial gain in over a year and reflecting a market value of approximately €1.56 billion ($1.7 billion). The company, originally a prominent Ethereum miner, transitioned its focus following Ethereum's software update, now placing emphasis on high-performance computing.

Key Takeaways

  • Northern Data AG seeks a US IPO with a targeted valuation of $10-$16 billion, encompassing its AI cloud unit Taiga and data centers Ardent.
  • The company experienced a 19% surge in shares, signaling a market value of €1.56 billion.
  • Planned deployment of 20,000 Nvidia H100 AI chips by the end of summer to enhance AI cloud computing capabilities.


Northern Data's planned IPO is poised to significantly elevate its AI cloud and data center sectors, influencing both investors and the broader tech industry. The company's transition from Ethereum mining to high-performance computing, supported by strategic funding and the acquisition of advanced AI chips, positions Northern Data at the forefront of AI infrastructure. Short-term impacts include a notable surge in stock value and potential capital influx, while long-term implications may lead to reshaped market competition and the widespread adoption of AI technology. This move also underscores the evolving role of crypto-focused firms within the broader tech landscape.

Did You Know?

  • AI Cloud Computing: AI cloud computing involves the utilization of cloud computing services to facilitate the development, testing, deployment, and operation of artificial intelligence (AI) applications. It leverages the scalability and flexibility of cloud infrastructure to handle the computational demands of AI workloads, which often require significant processing power and data storage.
  • High-Performance Computing (HPC): High-Performance Computing entails the use of supercomputers and computer clusters to solve intricate computational problems. HPC systems are designed to handle tasks mandating high levels of computational power, such as simulations, data analysis, and machine learning. In the context of Northern Data AG, their pivot to HPC indicates a move towards providing advanced computational resources for demanding applications, including AI and data analytics.
  • Nvidia H100 AI Chips: The Nvidia H100 represents a next-generation AI and high-performance computing GPU engineered for accelerating deep learning and scientific computing tasks. It features advanced tensor cores for improved AI training and inference performance, as well as enhanced memory bandwidth and capacity. Northern Data AG's deployment of 20,000 H100 chips underscores their commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance their AI cloud computing capabilities.

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