Nvidia Co-leads $50M Investment in Twelve Labs

Nvidia Co-leads $50M Investment in Twelve Labs

Sofia Rodriguez
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Nvidia Co-Leads $50 Million Investment in Twelve Labs Inc.

Nvidia Corp. has taken the lead in a $50 million investment in Twelve Labs Inc., a startup established by Korean-born engineers with the goal of revolutionizing video search and analysis. This investment round also includes significant contributions from venture firms such as New Enterprise Associates, Radical Ventures, Index Ventures SA, and Korea Investment Partners.

Twelve Labs, founded in 2021, has developed AI models that facilitate precise video searches, catering to a wide range of clients including social media influencers, sports leagues, and movie studios. Their technology supports multimodal searches across video, text, image, and audio, aiming to make video content as easily accessible and manageable as text. The funding will enable Twelve Labs to expand its workforce and enhance the capabilities of its Marengo and Pegasus platforms, further improving their ability to handle complex video data.

Key Takeaways

  • Nvidia leads a $50 million investment in Twelve Labs, focusing on video search and analysis.
  • Twelve Labs, founded by Korean-born engineers, aims to simplify video search for precise moments.
  • The startup's AI model supports multimodal searches across various content types.
  • Twelve Labs' technology is utilized by over 30,000 developers across industries.
  • The startup's latest model, Pegasus, is in beta and designed for text generation from video.


Nvidia's prominent role in Twelve Labs' $50 million funding highlights the strategic significance of advanced video search technology. This investment has the potential to accelerate Twelve Labs' growth, particularly impacting industries heavily reliant on video content, such as entertainment and sports. The injection of capital is likely to lead to enhanced AI capabilities, potentially reshaping the management and accessibility of video data. In the short term, this investment could bolster Twelve Labs' market presence and technological development, while in the long term, it may establish new standards for video search efficiency, influencing how content is consumed and monetized across various platforms.

Did You Know?

  • Multimodal Searches: This refers to the capability of a system to process and understand multiple types of data (such as video, text, image, and audio) simultaneously. Twelve Labs' AI models can search and analyze content across these different modalities, enhancing the precision and depth of video search results.
  • Marengo and Pegasus Platforms: These are proprietary platforms developed by Twelve Labs. Marengo likely focuses on video search and analysis, while Pegasus, currently in beta, is designed for text generation from video. These platforms utilize advanced AI to handle complex video data, making video content more accessible and manageable.
  • Korea Investment Partners: This South Korean venture capital firm specializes in investing in technology and innovation. Its involvement in the funding round of Twelve Labs underscores the startup's potential in the global tech market, particularly in leveraging Korean engineering expertise in AI and video technology.

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