OpenAI to Launch SearchGPT: A Google Challenger

OpenAI to Launch SearchGPT: A Google Challenger

Diogo Mendes
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OpenAI's SearchGPT to Disrupt the Search Engine Market

OpenAI is set to launch its upcoming search engine, "SearchGPT," just before Google's I/O conference. The leaked information indicates that the engine will provide text and image search functionalities, widgets, and follow-up prompts. Additionally, it is expected to incorporate the language models GPT-4 Lite, GPT-4, or GPT-3.5, and present results in a chat window, summarizing web pages within 300 characters. Clues about OpenAI's development of a search LLM were dropped by CEO Sam Altman, in addition to a leak from The Information.

Key Takeaways

  • OpenAI is poised to introduce "SearchGPT" ahead of Google's AI developer conference, offering varied search tools and a chat-based interface.
  • The engine's language model could involve GPT-4 Lite, GPT-4, or GPT-3.5.
  • OpenAI's collaboration with publishers allows it to create concise web page summaries within 300 characters, possibly to mitigate unauthorized content use.


OpenAI's foray into the search engine arena with SearchGPT could disrupt the current market, dominated by Google, through its innovative chat-based interface and language models. This move might prompt Google to bolster its AI capabilities at the I/O conference, potentially influencing the financial landscape for Alphabet, Google's parent company, and altering user behavior.

While publishers having partnerships with OpenAI could gain enhanced visibility, concerns about content summarization and licensing may emerge. This development could also challenge other tech companies, possibly fostering consolidation and partnerships in the industry. Over the long term, we might witness a significant shift towards AI-driven search solutions, reshaping online advertising and user experience.

Did You Know?

  • Search Engine: A software system enabling users to retrieve information from the internet by entering keywords or phrases. This involves algorithms scanning the web, indexing content, and delivering relevant results to users' queries.
  • Language Model (LLM): An AI model trained on extensive text data to comprehend and produce human language, applicable for text summarization, translation, and conversational agents.
  • GPT-4, GPT-3.5, and GPT-4 Lite: Distinct versions of the Generative Pretrained Transformer (GPT) language model developed by OpenAI. They vary in capabilities and computational requirements, being proficient at generating human-like text based on received input.

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