Oscars Considers New Category for Stunt Professionals

Oscars Considers New Category for Stunt Professionals

Sofia Cruz
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Oscars to Consider New Category for Stunt Professionals

The Academy is in discussions to potentially introduce a new category at the Oscars to recognize the contributions of stunt professionals, a move that could align the prestigious awards ceremony with other industry accolades like the SAG Awards and the Emmys. This development comes on the heels of the recent establishment of a Best Achievement in Casting award, indicating the Academy's commitment to evolving with the industry.

Key Takeaways

  • The Oscars are contemplating the addition of a new category to recognize stunt professionals by 2026.
  • Academy CEO Bill Kramer has confirmed ongoing discussions with members of the stunt community who are also Academy members.
  • Acknowledging stunt work at the Oscars would bring it in line with the SAG Awards and the Emmys, which already honor stunt performances.
  • Stunt performers play a critical role in enhancing the excitement and dynamism of movies, often undertaking significant risks in the process.
  • Public support and industry evolution are key factors influencing the potential addition of this category at the Oscars.


The proposed inclusion of a category for stunts at the Oscars signifies a broader industry acknowledgment of the pivotal role played by stunt professionals. This potential move, influenced by burgeoning public support and industry trends, mirrors the existing recognition garnered by stunt work at other prominent award shows such as the SAG Awards and the Emmys. In the short term, this initiative could substantially boost the morale and visibility of stunt performers, whose crucial but often undervalued contributions entail significant risks. Over the long term, formal acknowledgment at the Oscars could drive improvements in safety standards and professionalization within the stunt community, potentially impacting insurance and labor regulations. Moreover, it may exert influence on film budgets and casting decisions, thereby underscoring the significance of adept stunt work in elevating cinematic excellence.

Did You Know?

  • Best Achievement in Casting: This award category, introduced recently by the Academy, aims to recognize the pivotal role of casting directors in a film's success. Casting directors are responsible for selecting the most suitable actors for specific roles, significantly shaping the film's authenticity and audience engagement.
  • SAG Awards (Screen Actors Guild Awards): These annual accolades, presented by the Screen Actors Guild‐American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA), honor outstanding performances in film and television. Unlike the Oscars, the SAG Awards feature categories dedicated to stunt ensembles, acknowledging the vital impact of stunt work on the visual and dramatic aspects of productions.
  • Stunt Performers: These professionals execute hazardous scenes in movies and TV shows that actors either cannot or should not perform. Their physically demanding work, involving rigorous training and high risks, significantly contributes to the action and thrill in films. Recognition of their contributions in major award shows is increasingly pivotal.

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