PIXEVIA Raises €1.5M for AI-driven Retailtech Expansion

PIXEVIA Raises €1.5M for AI-driven Retailtech Expansion

Alessandra Rossi
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PIXEVIA Raises €1.5 Million in Funding for AI-Driven Retailtech Expansion

Lithuanian retailtech startup PIXEVIA has secured €1.5 million in new funding, with Coinvest Capital leading the investment. The company's AI-driven platform, which offers real-time receipts, has facilitated the establishment of 16 autonomous stores across Europe, the US, and the Middle East. PIXEVIA, in collaboration with IKI supermarkets since 2021, has successfully launched five autonomous stores. This latest round of funding will bolster the company's expansion efforts in the US and Europe, particularly in the DACH region, with plans to integrate new venues such as sports arenas, university campuses, and airports. Notable new investors include Iron Wolf Capital, Omni Commerce Ventures, and Rita Sakus.

Key Takeaways

  • Lithuanian retailtech startup PIXEVIA raises €1.5 million in new funding
  • PIXEVIA provides real-time receipts in AI-driven stores, improving theft protection and shopper experience
  • Company launched its first AI-powered store in Europe in 2019, now has 16 stores in Europe, US, and Middle East
  • Funding led by Coinvest Capital, with participation from Iron Wolf Capital, Omni Commerce Ventures, and Rita Sakus
  • Funds will be used for expansion in the US and Europe, particularly in the DACH region, and integration of new venues


The recent €1.5 million funding secured by PIXEVIA, spearheaded by Coinvest Capital, signifies a rising confidence amongst investors in AI-driven retail solutions. This development is set to fortify PIXEVIA's capacity to broaden its presence in the US and Europe, specifically in the DACH region, while simultaneously diversifying its venue integrations to encompass sports arenas, campuses, and airports. The repercussions are anticipated to encompass heightened competition within the retailtech sector, as well as a notable shift towards contactless shopping experiences. Direct impact is expected for entities such as IKI supermarkets, Iron Wolf Capital, Omni Commerce Ventures, and Rita Sakus, while other retailtech retailers and investors may encounter indirect consequences. Over the long haul, further advancements in autonomous and AI-optimized retail solutions are projected to catalyze a transformative influence on the global retail landscape.

Did You Know?

  • Retailtech startup: Refers to companies utilizing technology to enhance various facets of the retail industry, spanning automation, inventory management, customer experience, and online sales.
  • AI-driven platform: Denotes a software system employing artificial intelligence technologies like machine learning and natural language processing to automate and optimize diverse business processes, exemplified by PIXEVIA's real-time receipts and theft protection solutions.
  • DACH region: A term encompassing the German-speaking countries of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, recognized for its dense population and robust economy.

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