Plancraft Secures €12M Series A Funding for Craft Industry Solutions

Plancraft Secures €12M Series A Funding for Craft Industry Solutions

Valentina Rossi
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Plancraft Secures €12 Million in Series A Funding to Revolutionize the Craft Industry

Plancraft, a Hamburg-based tech company, has successfully secured €12 million in Series A funding to bolster its software solutions tailored for the craft industry. Since its establishment in 2020, Plancraft's platform has been instrumental in streamlining work processes for various trades, including painting and carpentry. It offers a comprehensive suite of tools encompassing invoicing, pricing, and site documentation, effectively assisting businesses in navigating labor shortages and bureaucratic obstacles.

This funding round, spearheaded by Creandum and complemented by existing investors, signifies a significant step for Plancraft as it seeks to augment its market presence and further digitalize the craft sector across Europe. With over 40 employees and an extensive customer base exceeding 10,000, Plancraft has already facilitated close to €1 billion in construction volume. The infusion of capital will serve to bolster Plancraft's expansion initiatives and fortify its position as a transformative force in the industry, particularly in addressing critical challenges such as demographic shifts and escalating administrative demands.

Key Takeaways

  • Plancraft fortifies its position in the craft industry with a substantial €12 million Series A funding to enhance digital processes.
  • The software suite encompasses crucial functionalities such as invoicing, pricing, and time tracking, aiming to mitigate industry-specific challenges like labor shortages.
  • With a customer base surpassing 10,000, Plancraft has processed nearly €1 billion in construction volume, positioning itself as a key player in the sector.
  • The funding round is led by Creandum, with support from Bitstone Capital and High-Tech Gründerfonds, emphasizing industry-wide confidence in Plancraft's mission and capabilities.
  • The infused capital is earmarked to propel Plancraft's expansion strategies and cultivate a comprehensive European contractor operating system.


The recent funding achievement by Plancraft underscores the technology sector's concerted effort to address the labor and bureaucratic impediments prevalent in the craft industry. This notable injection of capital, led by Creandum, is poised to catalyze accelerated software development, offering a promising trajectory towards heightened automation and enhanced data accessibility for small to medium-sized enterprises operating in the craft domain. In the short term, this development is anticipated to yield improvements in operational efficiency and an upsurge in customer acquisition. Looking ahead, Plancraft's expansive endeavors have the potential to redefine the standards governing the European craft sector, exerting substantial influence on labor management and regulatory compliance. It warrants close observation from investors and competitors alike, as Plancraft's impact on industry dynamics unfolds, potentially reshaping market expectations and operational conventions.

Did You Know?

  • Series A Funding: This marks the initial round of financing by professional investors, typically venture capitalists, subsequent to seed capital. It serves to facilitate the company's growth and the evolution of its business model, often focusing on market expansion and product development.
  • Creandum: As a prominent European venture capital firm, Creandum specializes in investing in early-stage technology companies. Renowned for its contributions to successful startups such as Spotify and Klarna, its investment focus encompasses sectors such as consumer internet, enterprise software, and hardware.
  • High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF): HTGF operates as a public-private partnership in Germany, offering seed financing to technology startups. Recognized as one of the most active early-stage investors in the country, HTGF extends support to startups through capital infusion, expertise, and networking opportunities, aimed at fostering their growth.

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