Police Push for Greater OnlyFans Access to Combat CSAM

Police Push for Greater OnlyFans Access to Combat CSAM

Alessandra Rossi
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Police Seek Expanded Access to OnlyFans to Combat Child Sexual Abuse Materials

Police are advocating for broader access to OnlyFans to address the issue of child sexual abuse materials (CSAM) present on the platform, as per a recent report. The main challenge stems from the platform's paywall system, which shields each creator's content, making it arduous for law enforcement to monitor without subscribing to individual accounts. OnlyFans asserts that the prevalence of CSAM is minimal, citing the removal of only 347 posts in 2023 out of millions. However, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) was granted access to the platform only in late 2023, enabling them to monitor accounts reported to them or linked to missing child cases. This constraint impedes proactive detection, allowing bad actors to easily evade scrutiny by creating new accounts. While OnlyFans mandates extensive personal information from creators, including government IDs and social security numbers, these protocols are not foolproof. Furthermore, despite these measures, some minors have managed to circumvent verification, underscoring the ongoing struggle to fully secure the platform against CSAM.

Key Takeaways

  • Police face challenges in detecting CSAM on OnlyFans due to the platform's paywall system.
  • Only 347 suspected CSAM posts were removed from 3.2 million accounts on OnlyFans in 2023.
  • NCMEC obtained access to the platform in late 2023, but monitoring remains limited to reported cases.
  • Extensive personal information is required from creators on OnlyFans, yet CSAM continues to slip through.
  • Bad actors can easily evade detection by creating new accounts on OnlyFans.


The potential expansion of police access to OnlyFans could compel the platform to enhance content monitoring, potentially impacting user privacy and creator revenue. The vulnerabilities in the paywall system allow CSAM to proliferate, despite OnlyFans' stringent verification processes. The restricted access granted to NCMEC underscores the necessity for more comprehensive surveillance tools. While short-term regulations might deter bad actors, they could also impede free speech. In the long run, advancements in AI-driven content moderation could mitigate CSAM without compromising privacy.

Did You Know?

  • OnlyFans:
    • OnlyFans is a subscription-based platform recognized for hosting adult content, enabling creators to monetize their content through user subscriptions. It operates on a paywall system, restricting access to content to paying subscribers.
  • Child Sexual Abuse Materials (CSAM):
    • CSAM encompasses any visual depiction of sexually explicit activities involving a child, encompassing photographs, videos, and digital or computer-generated images portraying children. The distribution, possession, and production of CSAM are illegal in most jurisdictions.
  • National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC):
    • The NCMEC is a non-profit organization in the United States serving as a resource center for families, victims, organizations, and law enforcement agencies to prevent child abduction and sexual exploitation. It operates a CyberTipline facilitating reporting and tracking online child sexual exploitation.

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