Rakuten Group Inc. Prices $2 Billion Junk Bond Due to High Demand

Lorenzo Bianchi
1 min read

What happened:

Rakuten Group Inc. successfully priced a $2 billion junk bond, increasing the size of the offering by 60% due to high demand from investors. The bond was priced at a yield of 9.875%.

Key Takeaways:

  • Rakuten Group Inc. priced a $2 billion junk bond after increasing the offering by 60% due to strong demand.
  • The bond was priced to yield 9.875%.
  • The issuer increased the five-year deal from $1.25 billion after demand for the offering surpassed $8 billion.


This substantial increase in the size of the offering indicates strong investor confidence in Rakuten Group Inc. The high demand for the bond suggests a positive perception of the company's creditworthiness and future prospects.

Do You Know?

  • Junk bonds are high-yield, high-risk bonds issued by companies with lower credit ratings, offering higher returns but also carrying more risk for investors.
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