Ripple's Stuart Alderoty Urges Bipartisan Cooperation in Crypto Innovation

Ripple's Stuart Alderoty Urges Bipartisan Cooperation in Crypto Innovation

Gabrielle Marchand
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US House of Representatives Votes to Overturn SEC's Cryptocurrency Custody Guidance, Showing Bipartisan Support for Crypto Industry

In a recent development, Stuart Alderoty, Ripple's chief legal officer, stressed the significance of bipartisan collaboration in driving cryptocurrency innovation. The US House of Representatives made a decision to nullify the SEC's directive on cryptocurrency custody, which mandated financial institutions to disclose cryptocurrency holdings on their balance sheets. Critics raised concerns that this directive could impede banks from providing custodial services for cryptocurrencies. Notably, 21 Democrats aligned with Republicans in quashing the guidance, signaling bipartisan endorsement for the crypto sector. The SEC's strategy in regulating custody services has been censured as erratic and inefficient, even by Hester Peirce, a pro-crypto SEC Commissioner. Nonetheless, the resolution's prospects in the Democratic-controlled Senate remain uncertain.

Key Takeaways

  • Stuart Alderoty of Ripple highlights the pivotal role of bipartisan cooperation in cryptocurrency innovation.
  • The US House of Representatives overturned the SEC's cryptocurrency custody directive (SAB 121).
  • SAB 121 mandated financial institutions to record customers' cryptocurrency holdings on their balance sheets, drawing criticism.
  • Pro-crypto SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce lamented the SEC's approach to custody services as "scattershot" and "inefficient."
  • Bipartisan support for the crypto industry was demonstrated as 21 Democrats joined forces with Republicans to annul SAB 121.


The US House of Representatives' bipartisan backing for the crypto industry through the overturning of the SEC's cryptocurrency custody guidance, with the support of 21 Democrats, indicates a potential enhancement in regulatory transparency and collaboration, potentially fostering cryptocurrency adoption. However, the Senate's current Democratic Party leadership may pose challenges to the resolution's advancement. In the long run, this bipartisan initiative may lead to more crypto-friendly regulations, benefiting entities like Ripple and financial institutions exploring custodial services. Conversely, inadequate regulation could endanger investors and stifle innovation.

Did You Know?

  • Cryptocurrency Custody: It involves the secure storage of cryptocurrencies by financial institutions on behalf of customers. The SEC's SAB 121 directive necessitated financial institutions to report customers' cryptocurrency holdings on their balance sheets, which was criticized for its potential to hinder banks from offering custodial services due to the volatility and associated risks of cryptocurrencies.
  • SAB 121: Refers to Staff Accounting Bulletin (SAB) No. 121, the SEC's guidance concerning cryptocurrency custody. The recent vote in the US House of Representatives aimed to invalidate this directive, which mandated financial institutions to record customers' cryptocurrency holdings on their balance sheets, facing criticisms for its potential impact on banks' custodial services.
  • Pro-crypto SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce: A commissioner at the SEC known for advocating for cryptocurrencies. Peirce criticized the SEC's approach to regulating custody services as "scattershot" and "inefficient," reflecting the absence of a coherent regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies, hindering financial institutions from offering related services. Peirce advocates for a more adaptable regulatory approach to promote innovation while safeguarding investors.

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