Rohlik Raises $170M for European Expansion

Rohlik Raises $170M for European Expansion

Lars Johansson
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Czech Grocery Delivery Startup Rohlik Secures $170M in Funding to Expand Across Europe

Rohlik, a Czech grocery delivery startup, has successfully raised $170 million in new funding, with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) leading the investment. This substantial funding injection is earmarked for Rohlik's ambitious expansion plans, which aim to establish its presence in 10 additional European cities over the next six years.

The unique positioning of Rohlik revolves around its focus on smaller warehouses and establishing partnerships with local producers, diverging from the traditional model employed by large supermarket chains. Currently serving 800,000 customers, the company offers an extensive range of 17,000 products and guarantees swift delivery times of as short as 1-2 hours.

Despite the formidable landscape within the grocery delivery startup domain, Rohlik is steadfast in its aspirations to attain €1 billion in revenues and achieve positive cash flow by the conclusion of 2024. With a longstanding 20-year operational history, the company already boasts profitable units in the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Munich, with post-COVID-19 revenue surges of 40%. Rohlik's overarching strategy involves leveraging its proprietary technology, coupled with an expansive European footprint, positioning itself as a resilient contender in the fiercely competitive grocery delivery market.

Key Takeaways

  • Rohlik secures $170 million in new funding led by EBRD to expand across Europe
  • Emphasis on smaller warehouses and local partnerships sets Rohlik apart from traditional supermarket models
  • Plans to potentially license advanced logistics and robotics technology to other delivery companies
  • Ambitious goal to launch in 10 new European cities within six years
  • Targets reaching €1 billion in revenues and positive cash flow by the end of 2024


Rohlik's successful acquisition of $170 million in funding, spearheaded by EBRD, fortifies its expansion trajectory across Europe, subsequently disrupting conventional norms and impacting local producers and competitors. Its strategic focus on smaller warehouses and cultivating alliances with local entities possesses the potential to revolutionize existing supermarket paradigms. Moreover, its intention to license advanced technological assets, including logistics and robotics, not only solidifies its position as a progressive tech supplier but also diversifies its revenue streams. This immediate acceleration in market entry and technological advancement could ultimately propel Rohlik into a dominant market force, reshaping the standards within the grocery delivery ecosystem and potentially influencing supply chain dynamics across Europe in the long term.

Did You Know?

  • European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD):
    • The EBRD functions as a multilateral development bank with a primary objective of promoting private sector investments across 38 countries spanning three continents: Europe, Asia, and Africa. Its core focus is directed towards fostering economic development and facilitating the transition towards market-oriented economies. Notably, in the context of Rohlik's financing, the involvement of EBRD underscores its steadfast commitment to nurturing innovative and sustainable businesses within the European landscape.
  • Sofina, Index Ventures, Quadrille, and TCF Capital:
    • These esteemed entities represent prominent investment firms and venture capitalists that have substantially invested in Rohlik in the past. Sofina, a Belgian investment company, specializes in long-term investments within private companies. Index Ventures serves as a global venture capital firm renowned for its investments in technology-centric enterprises. Quadrille Capital, a French private equity firm, focuses on strategic investments within mid-sized companies, while TCF Capital concentrates on venture capital investments in early-stage technology companies. Their sustained participation in Rohlik's funding round profoundly underscores their unwavering confidence in the company's strategic growth trajectory and potential.
  • Proprietary Technology and Licensing:
    • Rohlik's strategic initiative to enhance and license its cutting-edge technology, encompassing logistics, analytics software, and robotics, to other delivery services, represents an innovative approach. This multifaceted strategy not only unlocks additional revenue streams but also cements Rohlik's status as a trailblazer within the grocery delivery sector. By extending the licensing of its technology, Rohlik can effectively leverage its investments in innovation to benefit a broader spectrum of companies, thereby amplifying its influence and expanding its market reach.

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