Russian Response to Moscow Concert Hall Attack: Understanding Kremlin's Narrative

Yuri Petrovich Ignatov
1 min read

The aftermath of the deadly Moscow concert hall attack has revealed the Kremlin's narrative and influenced public sentiment in Russia. The response to the attack illustrates how the Kremlin immediately seized the opportunity to use the massacre as a propaganda tool in its war against Ukraine, shaping public opinion and blaming Ukraine for the horrific incident. Despite Isis initially claiming responsibility for the attack, Putin and officials focused on blaming the 'neo-Nazi Kyiv regime' and fleeing terrorists. The Russian public's response and trust in Putin's information reveal the effective control of the information space in Russia. Additionally, the Kremlin's push for a tough response and Putin's rhetoric focused on Ukraine reflect the perceived existential war between Russia and Ukraine and the West. However, there are dissenting voices in Russia, particularly among the younger population and opponents of the Ukraine war, who doubt the Ukrainian trail and lean towards blaming Isis for the attack. The use of torture by Russian security services and the public's approval of torture videos reflect the heightened fear and tension in Russia. The devastating attack has also sparked calls to reactivate the death penalty in the country, with political figures, including Dmitry Medvedev, advocating for the execution of terrorists. The response to the Moscow concert hall attack sheds light on the complex dynamics of public sentiment, propaganda, and political implications in Russia.

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