Samsung's Shares Soar to Record High

Samsung's Shares Soar to Record High

Elena Petrovski
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Samsung's Remarkable Q2 Performance Reflects AI and Memory Market Boost

Samsung witnessed a remarkable 2.24% surge in shares to a three-year high, driven by an astonishing 1,452% year-over-year increase in Q2 operating profit, reaching 10.4 trillion won ($7.54 billion). The impressive performance was fueled by robust AI demand and a rebound in memory chip prices. Despite encountering delays in HBM production for Nvidia's AI processors, Samsung's preliminary results for the June quarter exhibited a more than 15-fold increase in operating profit, surpassing market expectations.

The company's revenue is forecasted to rise between 73 trillion to 75 trillion won, up from 60.01 trillion won a year earlier. This growth is attributed to the recovery of the $160 billion memory market, influenced by the AI boom and heightened demand for datacenters and enterprise data storage. Additionally, Samsung's foundry operations reaped benefits from the improved IT demand.

South Korea's semiconductor exports soared to a record high in June, contributing to an $8 billion trade surplus, the largest since 2020. While concerns regarding Samsung's position in the AI chip market compared to SK Hynix persist, the company's robust performance underscores a broader industry recovery and its ability to capitalize on market dynamics.

Key Takeaways

  • Samsung's shares surged 2.24% to a 3-year high, with Q2 operating profit skyrocketing by 1,452% YoY to 10.4 trillion won ($7.54 billion).
  • Strong AI demand and recovering memory chip prices drove Samsung's earnings, despite HBM production delays for Nvidia.
  • South Korea achieved record semiconductor exports in June, elevating the trade surplus to $8 billion.
  • Samsung's Q2 revenue is projected to be between 73 trillion to 75 trillion won, up from 60.01 trillion won a year ago.
  • The memory market recovery, driven by AI and datacenters, caused chip prices to surge by 15% from the previous quarter.


Samsung's Q2 surge, propelled by AI and memory chip recovery, impacts investors and competitors like SK Hynix. South Korea benefits from record semiconductor exports, enhancing its trade surplus. While short-term gains may stabilize as market dynamics shift, long-term growth hinges on Samsung's ability to maintain leadership in AI chips and adapt to evolving tech demands.

Did You Know?

  • HBM (High-Bandwidth Memory)
    • Explanation: HBM refers to a type of memory technology designed for high-performance computing applications, particularly in graphics processing units (GPUs) and AI processors. It offers significantly higher data transfer rates and bandwidth compared to traditional memory technologies, making it essential for handling the massive computational demands of AI and machine learning tasks.
  • Foundry Operations
    • Explanation: Foundry operations in the semiconductor industry involve manufacturing integrated circuits or chips for other companies based on their designs. Samsung's foundry business, for instance, produces chips for various clients, including Nvidia, leveraging its advanced fabrication facilities and technologies. This service is crucial for companies that lack the infrastructure to produce their chips but have innovative designs.
  • Semiconductor Exports and Trade Surplus
    • Explanation: The record high in South Korea's semiconductor exports and the resulting trade surplus indicate the country's significant role in the global semiconductor market. Semiconductors are a critical component in various electronic devices, and South Korea, home to major players like Samsung and SK Hynix, has a substantial impact on global supply and demand dynamics. The trade surplus reflects the high demand for South Korean semiconductor products, contributing to the country's economic strength.

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