Seven Open Source Foundations Unite for EU Cyber Resilience Act Compliance

Svenja Müller
1 min read

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Seven open source foundations, including Apache Software Foundation, Blender Foundation, Eclipse Foundation, OpenSSL Software Foundation, PHP Foundation, Python Software Foundation, and Rust Foundation, are collaborating to align with the Cyber Resilience Act (CRA) recently adopted by the European Parliament. This collaboration aims to bridge existing security best practices in open source software development to meet the requirements of the new legislation, which comes into force in three years. The CRA is designed to enforce cybersecurity best practices for internet-connected products and impose penalties for noncompliance. Despite initial concern from open source industry bodies, the legislation has been revised to address these worries, with a focus on open source project exclusions. This partnership intends to alleviate discrepancies in documentation practices and to treat open source software development as a unified entity under common standards and processes. The Eclipse Foundation is spearheading this initiative, representing hundreds of individual open source projects in Brussels. With the increasing focus on open source stewardship, this collaboration underscores the urgency for cybersecurity process standards within the software industry. Overall, this united effort is to ensure compliance with the CRA and tighten cybersecurity norms within the open source community.

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