Sloyd: Norwegian Startup Raises €3M for AI-Powered 3D Game Design Software

Sloyd: Norwegian Startup Raises €3M for AI-Powered 3D Game Design Software

Sigrid Larsdatter
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Sloyd Secures €3M in Seed Funding for AI-Powered 3D Game Design Software

Sloyd, a Norwegian startup specializing in 3D game design software, has successfully raised €3 million in seed funding from a16z, Antler, Skyfall, and a strategic partnership with Autodesk. This substantial financial backing reflects the company's dedication to advancing 3D design technology and highlights its potential for industry disruption.

Key Takeaways

  • Sloyd secures €3 million in seed funding, showcasing investor confidence in its AI-powered 3D game design software.
  • The strategic investment from Autodesk emphasizes Sloyd's integration with cutting-edge 3D design technology.
  • Creators using Sloyd's AI-powered platform can generate high-quality 3D assets in real-time, revolutionizing content creation in gaming and media production.
  • The platform's broad application extends to various industries, including TV/Movie production and architecture, indicating its versatility and potential impact.


The significant funding secured by Sloyd underscores the increasing demand for advanced 3D design tools, especially within the gaming and media production sectors. The involvement of esteemed investors like a16z and the strategic partnership with Autodesk signals a potential shift towards AI-driven design processes in the industry. This funding is poised to propel Sloyd's market presence, ultimately benefiting creators and consumers by enhancing real-time 3D asset creation. Moreover, Sloyd's emphasis on generating IP-safe models has the potential to establish new industry standards in digital content creation, influencing not just gaming but adjacent sectors such as architecture and film.

Did You Know?

  • Sloyd: A Norwegian startup specializing in AI-powered 3D game design software, offering real-time creation of high-quality 3D assets for game developers, TV/Movie production, and beyond. Sloyd prioritizes IP safety by ensuring the generation of non-infringing models.
  • a16z (Andreessen Horowitz): A prominent Silicon Valley venture capital firm known for investing in technology sectors ranging from biotech, enterprise, consumer, to fintech, and providing strategic support and industry connections.
  • Parametric Models: These are models defined by parameters, allowing dynamic adjustments and customization, facilitating efficient and flexible design processes within the context of 3D design.

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