SmartHR Secures $140M in New Funding

SmartHR Secures $140M in New Funding

Linh Nguyen
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SmartHR Secures $140 Million in Series E Funding

SmartHR, a cloud-based HR and labor management software startup, has successfully raised $140 million in a Series E funding round led by KKR and Teachers’ Ventures Growth. This latest financial milestone underscores sustained investor confidence in tech solutions for efficient staff management, as indicated by the company's previous $142.5 million Series D round in 2021. Founded in 2015 by Kensuke Naito and Shoji Miyata, SmartHR's annual recurring revenue (ARR) has surged to $100 million by February 2024, up from $80 million the previous fiscal year.

This growth aligns with the global upswing in HR tech, exemplified by U.S.-based Rippling, which doubled its ARR to $350 million in 2023, along with significant ARR figures reported by Gusto and Deel. The HR tech market is projected to reach $81.84 billion by 2032, attracting substantial venture capital, as evidenced by the significant funds raised by Rippling, Gusto, and Deel.

Key Takeaways

  • SmartHR secures $140 million in Series E funding led by KKR and Teachers’ Ventures Growth.
  • Company's ARR reaches $100 million, up from $80 million in FY 2023.
  • SmartHR competes with U.S. firms like Rippling, Gusto, and Deel in the HR tech space.
  • HR tech market estimated to be worth $81.84 billion by 2032.
  • SmartHR to utilize funds for new solutions, hiring, and M&A strategies.


SmartHR's latest funding round highlights investor confidence in HR tech, particularly in Japan, where it competes with global players like Rippling and Gusto. The increased capital infusion is expected to accelerate product innovation and market expansion, bolstering SmartHR's competitive edge. Short-term impacts may include rapid hiring and potential acquisitions, while long-term consequences could reshape the HR tech landscape, driving industry consolidation and compelling competitors to innovate. This surge in funding reflects broader trends in tech investment, favoring scalable solutions that streamline HR processes.

Did You Know?

  • Series E Funding:
    • This financing round represents the fifth institutional venture capital fund infusion for a startup, typically occurring after the company achieves significant milestones, such as substantial revenue growth or market expansion, and is seeking further scalability. Series E investors often include large investment firms and institutional investors willing to provide substantial capital due to the company's maturity and high potential returns.
  • Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR):
    • A vital metric used primarily by subscription-based businesses to gauge the anticipated revenue over a year from active customer contracts. It reflects the predictability and stability of a company's income stream, serving as a key indicator of its growth and business model health.
  • Organic and Inorganic Growth Strategies:
    • Organic growth involves internal initiatives, like sales increases or operational refinements, while inorganic growth entails acquiring or merging with other businesses to gain market share, access new markets, or acquire specific technologies or talent. Both strategies aim to improve market position and profitability, differing in terms of risk, implementation speed, and resource requirements.

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