SoftBank to Issue Bonds for Debt Reduction and AI Investment

SoftBank to Issue Bonds for Debt Reduction and AI Investment

Kazumi Tanaka
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SoftBank Group Announces Euro and Dollar Bonds Issuance to Boost AI Investments

SoftBank Group Corp., under the leadership of chairman and CEO Masayoshi Son, has revealed its intentions to issue euro and dollar-denominated bonds, aimed at reducing debt and reallocating resources towards artificial intelligence. The Japanese conglomerate aims to raise approximately $900 million in U.S. dollar-denominated bonds and 900 million euros, with interest rates ranging between 5.4% and 7% per annum. The funds are earmarked for debt repayment and general corporate purposes. As a result of this announcement, SoftBank's shares observed a 2.5% increase, showcasing a surge in investor confidence, with the company's stock marking a 65% rise year-to-date.

This strategic move comes at a time when SoftBank is narrowing its financial losses, partly attributed to successful initiatives such as the IPO of chip designer Arm. Furthermore, SoftBank's Vision Fund is reportedly amplifying its investments in AI companies. Masayoshi Son, in a recent discussion, expressed his vision for Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI), envisioning AI that surpasses human intelligence by 10,000 times within the next decade.

Key Takeaways

  • SoftBank plans to issue $900 million in dollar-denominated bonds and 900 million euros in euro-denominated bonds, with the aim of debt reduction and the facilitation of general corporate operations.
  • Following the bond issuance announcement, SoftBank's shares experienced a 2.5% upsurge, signifying growing investor confidence.
  • The company is focused on expanding its investments in artificial intelligence, indicative of a strategic shift in its focus areas.
  • Masayoshi Son's ambitious vision for Artificial Super Intelligence underscores the company's robust commitment to AI advancements.


The decision to issue bonds underscores SoftBank's commitment to financial stability and its strategic reorientation towards bolstering AI investments, which is poised to impact not only its creditors but also the AI startup landscape. This move reflects a deliberate shift in focus following the success of Arm's IPO. While bondholders stand to gain fixed returns in the short run, the long-term growth anticipated within the AI sector holds the potential to significantly augment SoftBank's portfolio. However, Son's ambitious AI vision also opens the door to regulatory scrutiny and ethical debates as AI technology continues to advance.

Did You Know?

  • Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI):
    • Explanation: Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI) represents a theoretical future scenario where machines attain intellect that far surpasses human cognitive abilities in nearly all domains. ASI isn't just expected to outshine human intelligence but could potentially exhibit creativity, emotional comprehension, and problem-solving capabilities at levels far beyond human capacity.
  • Euro-denominated bonds:
    • Explanation: Euro-denominated bonds are debt instruments issued in euros instead of the issuer's domestic currency. These bonds are often released by non-European entities or governments to tap into European financial markets, offering investors access to bonds priced in euros. This bond variation enables issuers to diversify their funding sources and hedge against currency risks.
  • Vision Fund:
    • Explanation: The Vision Fund is a substantial investment fund managed by SoftBank Group, primarily concentrating on technology and innovation. Established with the objective of investing in cutting-edge tech companies worldwide, the Vision Fund has played an instrumental role in supporting startups in fields such as artificial intelligence, robotics, and biotechnology. It stands as one of the largest technology-focused investment funds globally.

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