SoftBank to Invest $64B in AI Chip Development

SoftBank to Invest $64B in AI Chip Development

Bao-Lin Chen
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SoftBank Plans to Invest $64 Billion in AI Chips and Robotics by 2025

In a recent announcement, SoftBank, under the leadership of Masayoshi Son, disclosed its intention to develop AI chips by the year 2025. The Japanese conglomerate is set to allocate a whopping $64 billion towards AI chips, robotics, data centers, and other related ventures. Arm, a subsidiary of SoftBank with a reputation for chip design in smartphones, will spearhead this venture. Notably, they aim to establish an AI chip division and unveil a prototype by the spring of 2025, followed by mass production in the fall through contract manufacturers. As part of its ambitious plans, SoftBank also seeks to build data centers, renewable energy plants, and execute strategic acquisitions to solidify its position as an AI powerhouse.

Key Takeaways

  • SoftBank's monumental $64 billion investment in AI chips, robotics, and data centers by 2025.
  • Arm, a SoftBank subsidiary, to lead the development of AI chips, with a prototype expected by spring 2025.
  • Arm's AI chip division to manage development costs with backing from SoftBank.
  • The potential commencement of mass production of AI chips by fall 2025 through contract manufacturers like TSMC.
  • SoftBank's comprehensive strategy to emerge as an AI conglomerate through the establishment of data centers, renewable energy plants, and strategic acquisitions.


SoftBank's decisive move to inject $64 billion into AI chips, robotics, and data centers underlines its steadfast ambition to ascend as a dominant force in the AI landscape.

Did You Know?

  • AI Chips: These specialized computer chips are tailored to accelerate AI workloads, particularly in machine learning and deep learning tasks, by optimizing computations for AI-specific algorithms, resulting in heightened performance and energy efficiency.
  • Arm and its AI chip division: Arm, a SoftBank subsidiary renowned for its chip designs, is leveraging its expertise to develop AI-focused chips through its newly established AI chip division, responsible for prototype development, cost management, and eventual release.
  • Contract Manufacturers like TSMC: Notably, TSMC, a leading contract chip manufacturer, and likeminded companies collaborate with organizations like SoftBank for mass production of AI chips. This collaboration allows SoftBank to capitalize on their manufacturing capabilities without the need for substantial investments in fabrication facilities.

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