SoftBank to Issue Euro and Dollar Bonds for $1.86B Investment in AI

SoftBank to Issue Euro and Dollar Bonds for $1.86B Investment in AI

Stephanie Chen
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SoftBank Announces Plans to Issue Euro and Dollar Bonds

SoftBank, under the leadership of CEO Masayoshi Son, unveils a strategy to raise approximately $1.86 billion through euro- and dollar-denominated bonds. The raised funds will target debt repayment and intensified investments in artificial intelligence (AI). Notably, the bonds will be sliced into four tranches, each carrying interest rates spanning from 5.4% to 7% per annum. This proactive move aligns with SoftBank's narrowing financial losses, partly attributed to the prosperous IPO of chip designer Arm, driving a 2.5% surge in the company's shares as the bond issuance was disclosed.

Key Takeaways

  • SoftBank intends to issue $900 million in dollar bonds and €900 million in euro bonds.
  • Interest rates on the bonds will range from 5.4% to 7% per annum.
  • The funds raised will target debt repayment and general corporate purposes.
  • There was a 2.5% increase in SoftBank's shares following the announcement of the bond issuance.
  • The company is prioritizing augmented investments in artificial intelligence.


SoftBank’s decision to issue bonds to fuel AI investments amid diminishing losses and Arm’s triumphant IPO mirrors a strategic inclination towards debt management. This maneuver holds potential benefits for creditors and investors but may also impose an enhanced burden on SoftBank through heightened interest costs. The intensified focus on AI, propelled by Masayoshi Son's vision of Artificial Super Intelligence, positions SoftBank at the vanguard of technological advancement, likely yielding substantial long-term gains. Yet, the amplified exposure to AI also introduces inherent risks, encompassing regulatory hurdles and ethical dilemmas. In the short term, the bond sale fortifies SoftBank's financial stability and garners investor confidence, as evidenced by the 2.5% surge in share prices.

Did You Know?

  • Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI):
    • Definition: ASI signifies a theoretical, future AI entity anticipated to surpass human cognitive abilities across various domains, encompassing scientific creativity, general wisdom, and social adeptness.
    • Implications: Masayoshi Son's vision of ASI, denoting AI as 10,000 times more advanced than humans, proposes a revolutionary impact on society and technology, potentially reshaping industries and daily life.
  • Tranches:
    • Definition: In finance, "tranche" refers to a segment of a larger pool of financial instruments, such as bonds or loans, fragmented into different series with varying levels of risk, return, and maturity.
    • Application: SoftBank's issuance of bonds across four tranches enables tailored outreach to diverse investor preferences and risk appetites, potentially augmenting the appeal of the bond offering.
  • Vision Fund:
    • Definition: The Vision Fund stands as a monumental technology investment pool overseen by SoftBank, renowned for significant investments in leading-edge tech firms, particularly within the artificial intelligence realm.
    • Impact: The Vision Fund's strategic investments have played a pivotal role in diversifying SoftBank's portfolio and fostering growth, exerting influence on the company's financial performance and market positioning.

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