SoftBank's Shares Hit All-Time High Amid AI Revolution

SoftBank's Shares Hit All-Time High Amid AI Revolution

Winston Liu
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SoftBank's Resilience in the Tech Market

Masayoshi Son, the prominent figure behind SoftBank, has once again made headlines as the company's shares have reached an all-time high. This comeback follows a challenging period, particularly during the tech market turmoil in 2021 and 2022. However, the tide has turned, and this success can be attributed in part to the stellar performance of Arm, a prominent chip designer in which SoftBank holds a significant stake.

The uptick in SoftBank's shares began around May 2023, and the Vision Fund is displaying improved financial stability. Analysts attribute the recent 78% surge in SoftBank's share price this year largely to the success of Arm's initial public offering (IPO). Notably, Arm's shares have skyrocketed by nearly 124% this year alone.

Son has been vocal about the potential of AI, visualizing a future dominated by artificial super intelligence surpassing human capabilities. He is eager about SoftBank's role in this AI revolution, particularly through investments such as Arm.

Nevertheless, investors maintain a degree of skepticism regarding SoftBank's overall narrative. The company's valuation does not entirely reflect the worth of its assets, including its stake in Arm, which is significantly more valuable than SoftBank's current market capitalization. However, with SoftBank being an early entrant in the AI arena, analysts believe that this gap may narrow as AI gains momentum.

Key Takeaways

  • SoftBank shares have achieved a record high, closing at 11,190.00 yen.
  • The surge is attributed in part to the successful IPO of Arm, a chip designer in which SoftBank holds a majority stake.
  • Masayoshi Son is redirecting SoftBank's focus towards AI, expressing enthusiasm for investment opportunities in this field.
  • Analysts suggest that SoftBank's stock undervalues its assets, with Arm alone worth considerably more than SoftBank's overall valuation.
  • SoftBank's early AI investments could potentially reduce the gap between the company's current valuation and its fair value, according to CLSA's Oliver Matthew.


The recent upturn in SoftBank's fortunes, propelled by Arm's prosperous IPO and strategic shift towards AI, underscores Masayoshi Son's resilience. The varying performance of the Vision Fund and previous market volatility have underscored the inherent risks involved in tech investments. However, the robust growth of Arm and SoftBank's early positioning in the AI landscape indicate the potential for substantial long-term gains. Despite past uncertainties, investors are still exercising caution, but the strategic pivot could enhance SoftBank's valuation as AI technologies mature.

Did You Know?

  • SoftBank Vision Fund: This monumental investment fund was launched by the SoftBank Group in 2017, aiming to invest in technology companies globally. It has played a significant role in the tech investment sphere, with investments ranging from successful ventures like Arm to less prosperous ones such as WeWork. The fund's performance has been diverse, reflecting the high-risk, high-reward nature of tech investments.
  • Arm IPO: Arm Holdings is a British semiconductor and software design company known for its energy-efficient chip designs that are integral to numerous modern devices. SoftBank acquired Arm in 2016, and its successful IPO in 2023 has significantly bolstered SoftBank's financial health and share price. The triumph of the IPO highlights the sustained demand for cutting-edge semiconductor technology.
  • Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI): Masayoshi Son has been vocal about his vision for Artificial Super Intelligence, which represents a level of AI surpassing human intelligence across all domains. This concept transcends current AI capabilities, which are specialized and limited, envisioning a hypothetical future where AI could potentially outperform humans in every intellectual task. Son's enthusiasm for ASI reflects a broader trend in tech investment toward advanced AI research and development.

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