Mirae Asset Embraces AI for Financial Innovation

Mirae Asset Embraces AI for Financial Innovation

Sofia del Rosario
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Mirae Asset Embraces AI for Financial Innovation

Imagine yourself on the bustling trading floor of Hana Bank in Seoul, South Korea, amidst the excitement surrounding South Korean stocks. The government's decision to suspend short-selling for eight months has led to a significant surge in stock prices. This bold initiative aims to curb illegal trading practices, predominantly used by large investors such as hedge funds, and has garnered considerable attention and controversy.

Turning our attention to Mirae Asset Securities Co., the firm is actively leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to transform its financial offerings. Park Hyeon-Joo, the visionary leader of Mirae Asset Financial Group, emphasized the transformative potential of AI in the financial sector. However, despite these advancements, investors continue to face substantial fees for various services.

Mirae Asset Securities utilizes AI to rapidly generate research reports—a task that previously took five hours is now completed in just 15 minutes. By integrating AI across their services, Mirae Asset aims to deliver stable performance while reducing costs.

Park also highlighted their recent initiatives, including the establishment of Wealthspot in the US and the acquisition of Australia's Stockspot, a robo-advisor. These ventures are integral to their strategy of employing AI to enhance client outcomes at reduced fees, positioning AI not merely as a buzzword but as a fundamental component in reshaping the financial industry.

Key Takeaways

  • Mirae Asset Securities plans to expand AI usage to enhance services and reduce fees.
  • AI-written research reports are now published within 15 minutes of earnings releases.
  • Mirae Asset manages over $600 billion and aims for stable performance through AI.
  • Acquisitions such as Stockspot Pty Ltd. and Wealthspot enhance global tech capabilities.
  • AI integration aims to improve client outcomes at lower costs.


The South Korean government's suspension of short-selling, intended to address illicit practices, has likely bolstered investor confidence and stock prices. While this move may benefit domestic investors and financial institutions like Hana Bank, it could strain relationships with hedge funds and international markets. Mirae Asset Securities' aggressive AI integration, characterized by rapid report generation and strategic global acquisitions, positions the company at the forefront of cost reduction and service enhancement. This strategy has the potential to disrupt traditional financial services, making investing more accessible and challenging competitors. In the long term, AI's role in finance could redefine industry standards and client expectations.

Did You Know?

  • Short-selling:
    • Short-selling is a trading strategy that involves selling borrowed securities with the intention of repurchasing them at a lower price to profit from the price difference. This practice can significantly impact stock prices and market dynamics, often used by investors to bet against a company's future performance.
  • Robo-advisors:
    • Robo-advisors are automated financial advisory services that use algorithms to manage investment portfolios. They typically offer lower fees compared to traditional financial advisors and provide investment advice based on the user's financial goals and risk tolerance.
  • AI-written research reports:
    • AI-written research reports are financial analyses generated by artificial intelligence systems. These reports rapidly analyze extensive data and produce insights, significantly reducing the time and costs associated with traditional research report production. This technology is increasingly adopted in the financial sector to enhance efficiency and decision-making processes.

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