Squarespace Acquired by UK Firm in $6.9B Deal

Squarespace Acquired by UK Firm in $6.9B Deal

Keitaro Suzuki
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Squarespace Acquired by Permira in $6.9 Billion Deal

Squarespace, a leading website builder and hosting company, has revealed its acquisition by UK-based private equity firm Permira in a significant all-cash deal totaling $6.9 billion. This move establishes Squarespace as a private entity, with stockholders set to receive $44 per share. The tech industry is witnessing a shift towards privatization, exemplified by Elon Musk's privatization of Twitter (now X) in late 2022, and Permira's recent acquisitions of tech firms such as Zendesk, Darktrace, and Everbridge. Despite the acquisition, the foreseeable future indicates minimal changes for Squarespace users, as CEO and founder Anthony Casalena will remain at the helm.

Key Takeaways

  • Squarespace's acquisition by Permira in a $6.9 billion all-cash deal results in its transition to a private company.
  • Stockholders of Squarespace will receive $44 per share, representing a 29% premium.
  • The trend of tech companies opting for privatization is on the rise, with recent instances including Reddit and Twitter.
  • Permira has been actively involved in various "take-private" deals, encompassing notable names like Zendesk, Darktrace, and Everbridge.
  • Anthony Casalena will continue leading Squarespace under Permira's ownership.


The acquisition of Squarespace by Permira for $6.9 billion underscores the growing inclination of tech companies towards private equity, steering away from public markets. This transaction offers Squarespace stockholders a substantial 29% premium, signaling confidence in the company's future progression. Permira's history of "take-private" deals, incorporating companies such as Zendesk, Darktrace, and Everbridge, indicates a commitment to long-term value establishment. While immediate alterations may not be expected for Squarespace users, this acquisition could prompt amplified market consolidation and intensify competition among other website builders and hosting companies. Furthermore, the surge in private equity firms acquiring tech enterprises could potentially alter investment strategies, favoring established private entities over IPOs. This trend could potentially impact the landscape of the tech and business sectors, influencing companies, investors, and users alike, with enduring repercussions.

Did You Know?

  • $6.9 billion all-cash deal: This entails the complete value of the acquisition, with Permira remunerating Squarespace's shareholders in cash, signifying a profound belief in Squarespace's growth potential and its capacity to yield returns on the investment.
  • Take-private deal: This refers to the acquisition of a publicly-traded company by a privately-held entity or a private equity firm, delisting it from the public stock exchange and rendering its shares unavailable for public trading. This approach enables companies to operate without the constraints of meeting quarterly earnings projections, concentrating on long-term strategies.
  • Anthony Casalena's retention as CEO and founder of Squarespace: This confirms that the current leadership structure of Squarespace will remain largely unaltered post-acquisition. Casalena's ongoing leadership implies that Permira esteems his vision and strategic guidance for Squarespace, thereby likely retaining the company's culture and user experience in the near future.

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