Stanford Students Apologize for Code Plagiarism in Llama3-V

Stanford Students Apologize for Code Plagiarism in Llama3-V

Liu Wei
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Stanford Students Apologize for Code Plagiarism in Llama3-V

Stanford University students publicly apologized on social media for allegedly plagiarizing the code of China's Wall Intelligence MiniCPM team. They admitted to not verifying the originality of their open-source model Llama3-V and expressed remorse.

Key Takeaways

  • Stanford students publicly apologize to the Wall Intelligence MiniCPM team for plagiarizing the code of a large Chinese model.
  • The open-source model Llama3-V is accused of lack of originality, sparking plagiarism controversies.
  • Stanford students Siddharth Sharma and Aksh Garg admit to negligence in model development.


The plagiarism by Stanford students may harm their academic reputation, influence future career development, and challenge the intellectual property protection of China's Wall Intelligence MiniCPM team. In the short term, these events may trigger further attention to intellectual property protection in both academic and industrial sectors, while in the long term, they may promote international cooperation and standard establishment to protect innovation and intellectual property.

Did You Know?

  • Wall Intelligence MiniCPM Team: Wall Intelligence is a Chinese company specializing in AI technology research and application, with its MiniCPM team likely responsible for developing critical AI models and algorithms.
  • Open-source model Llama3-V: Llama3-V is likely an AI model released under an open-source license, allowing developers to freely use, modify, and distribute it, but requiring compliance with the corresponding open-source license to ensure code originality and transparency.

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