Tableau Releases Einstein Copilot Features in Beta

Lorenzo Rossi
1 min read

Tableau, now under Salesforce, is launching Einstein Copilot, an AI tool to enhance data analysis. This free beta feature enables natural language queries for data insights. Ryan Aytay, Tableau's CEO, emphasizes its dual purpose of aiding both novice and advanced users while upholding data privacy. The trend of AI integration among software firms is evident with Microsoft also adopting similar AI technology. Einstein Copilot automates data visualization and can suggest further insightful inquiries. The tool, available in cloud versions, promises dynamic updates and a general release in June. Despite its cloud focus, Tableau continues to invest in on-premises and server products. Ryan Aytay, the CEO, places emphasis on improving customer support, addressing concerns raised by Gartner in its recent report. Aytay will further elaborate on Tableau's vision and product roadmap at the upcoming Tableau Conference.

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