Telegram Integrates Toncoin Payments for Monetization

Annika Olafsdottir
1 min read

Telegram recently introduced a new payment feature using Toncoin (TON), creating excitement within the community. This move includes a rewarding system for channel owners, boosting the platform's monetization. With the ability to purchase ads using Toncoin, Telegram is delving into a new integration of digital currency and advertising. Channel owners can now earn 50% of revenue from advertisements shown in their channels, capitalizing on Telegram’s extensive user engagement. Public channels with at least 1,000 subscribers will benefit from this monetization scheme, indicating a significant shift in content creator revenue generation. The adoption of TON-based advertisements is a crucial development, chosen for its efficiency and speed. Additionally, it streamlines advertising and offers precise control over ad placement, ensuring contextual relevance. Following the announcement, Toncoin’s value experienced a notable increase, rising by 7% on Sunday, though a 6% decline occurred on Monday. This volatility reflects the market’s initial reaction to Telegram’s integration of Toncoin and its broader implications. Toncoin ranked as the 11th largest cryptocurrency by market cap, showing price volatility. Telegram's $330 million bond sale also attracted significant investor interest and has highlighted the potential impact of their financial strategies on Toncoin’s market performance. However, Telegram faced a setback in the Spain market after a temporary suspension following copyright complaints. The integration of Toncoin payments by Telegram is a significant step forward, showcasing the platform’s ongoing innovation and influence in the digital currency and advertising landscape.

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