ThousandEyes Introduces AI-Powered Digital Experience Assurance (DXA)

ThousandEyes Introduces AI-Powered Digital Experience Assurance (DXA)

Ekaterina Petrovna Romanovsky
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Cisco's ThousandEyes Introduces AI-Powered Digital Experience Assurance (DXA) for Faster Outage Prediction and Diagnosis

Cisco's ThousandEyes has launched Digital Experience Assurance (DXA), a new AI-powered feature that accelerates the prediction and diagnosis of internet outages and disruptions. DXA allows Cisco's networking customers to automatically address network quality issues, marking a significant advancement from the previous monitoring-only capabilities. Describing itself as the "Google Maps of the internet," ThousandEyes offers a comprehensive view of user and application interactions across networks, and has heavily invested in AI to enhance its platform. The new DXA capabilities enable businesses to correlate, analyze, diagnose, predict, optimize, and remediate network issues with minimal manual intervention. Furthermore, ThousandEyes is working on a product that will utilize AI to generate internet status reports, leveraging large language models akin to those used in ChatGPT and Google Gemini.

Key Takeaways

  • Cisco's ThousandEyes introduces AI-powered Digital Experience Assurance (DXA) for faster outage prediction and diagnosis.
  • DXA enables automatic issue resolution in network quality, enhancing proactive management.
  • ThousandEyes, self-proclaimed as the "Google Maps of the internet," now offers broader AI-driven visibility.
  • DXA capabilities include correlation, analysis, prediction, and remediation with minimal manual intervention.
  • Future development includes AI-generated scripts for real-time internet status reports.


The introduction of Cisco's ThousandEyes' AI-powered DXA feature revolutionizes network management by automating outage prediction and diagnosis, reducing the need for manual intervention. This advancement benefits businesses by enhancing network reliability and operational efficiency, potentially leading to cost savings and improved customer satisfaction. The integration of AI in generating real-time internet status reports further solidifies ThousandEyes' position as a leader in digital experience monitoring. In the long term, this innovation could reshape the competitive landscape of network management tools, influencing investment in AI technologies and potentially altering the strategies of competitors like Google and Microsoft in the AI and network monitoring sectors.

Did You Know?

  • Digital Experience Assurance (DXA): DXA is an AI-powered feature introduced by Cisco's ThousandEyes that enhances the speed and accuracy of predicting and diagnosing internet outages and disruptions. It automates the process of addressing network quality issues, moving beyond traditional monitoring capabilities to include automatic issue resolution and proactive management.
  • ThousandEyes as the "Google Maps of the Internet": This metaphor refers to ThousandEyes' comprehensive platform that provides detailed visibility into user and application interactions across networks, similar to how Google Maps offers detailed views of geographical locations, highlighting ThousandEyes' ability to provide real-time, detailed insights into the health and performance of internet networks.
  • Large Language Models (LLMs) in AI-generated Internet Status Reports: LLMs, similar to those used in ChatGPT and Google Gemini, are advanced AI models trained on vast datasets to understand and generate human-like text. In the context of ThousandEyes' future development, these models will be used to generate real-time internet status reports, leveraging their ability to process and analyze large volumes of data quickly and accurately.

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