TikTok Tests New Streak Feature to Boost User Engagement

TikTok Tests New Streak Feature to Boost User Engagement

Lucia Fernandez
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TikTok Introduces Snapchat-Like Streaks Feature to Boost User Engagement

TikTok is currently trialing a new feature reminiscent of Snapchat's renowned streaks, a move aimed at bolstering user engagement. The feature, being tested in specific markets, grants users a streak badge for sending direct messages (DMs) to someone over three consecutive days. This badge exhibits the duration of the streak, encouraging users to continue their conversations to sustain it. If a day elapses without a message, the streak ends, although TikTok sends reminders to prevent this. Users have the option to manage these notifications in their privacy settings, allowing them to deactivate them if they choose. TikTok's introduction of this feature seeks to cultivate a sense of connection and competition among its users, akin to the status symbol streaks have become on Snapchat.

Key Takeaways

  • TikTok is experimenting with streaks akin to Snapchat's to heighten user engagement and app usage duration.
  • Users must engage in DMs for over three consecutive days on TikTok to earn a streak badge and count.
  • Streaks on TikTok terminate if no messages are exchanged within 24 hours of the most recent message, with preventative notifications in place.
  • Users can manage streak notifications in TikTok's settings under Privacy > Notifications > Streak settings.
  • Snapchat has historically utilized streaks as a symbol of status, reflecting the closeness and frequency of interaction among friends.


TikTok's adoption of Snapchat-like streaks is geared towards amplifying user engagement and retention by capitalizing on social dynamics. This feature incentivizes regular interaction, potentially leading to an increase in daily active users and time spent on the app. Streaks function as a status symbol for users, enriching social connectivity. However, mismanagement could result in notification fatigue. Competitors such as Snapchat may experience pressure to innovate further to maintain their competitive edge. In the long term, this may redefine user expectations for social app features, influencing the future development in the sector.

Did You Know?

  • Snapchat Streaks: A feature on Snapchat where users maintain a streak by sending direct messages to each other for consecutive days. The streak is denoted by a flame emoji and a number, showcasing the duration of the streak. It serves as a status symbol, reflecting the frequency and closeness of interactions.
  • User Engagement Metrics: Crucial indicators used by social media platforms to measure user interaction, including time spent on the app, visit frequency, and interaction frequency (likes, comments, shares). Enhancing these metrics is vital for the platform's growth and monetization.
  • Direct Messages (DMs): Private messages exchanged between users on social media platforms, fostering personal and continuous interactions. Platforms like TikTok and Snapchat leverage DMs to deepen user engagement and build community.

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