Tobiko Launches New Cloud Platform for Data Transformation

Tobiko Launches New Cloud Platform for Data Transformation

Yulia Petrovna
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Tobiko Launches Data Transformation Cloud Platform with $21.8M Funding

Data transformation startup Tobiko, co-founded by Tyson and Toby Mao along with Iaroslav Zeigerman, has unveiled a new cloud platform focused on simplifying team interactions with data. The platform, integrating open-source tools SQLMesh and SQLGlot, provides a low-code interface for constructing data pipelines and transformations. Notably, Tobiko has secured $21.8 million in funding, with backing from Theory Ventures and executives from 20Sales, Fivetran, Census, and MotherDuck. Its standout feature is its comprehensive understanding of SQL, enabling advanced data transformation capabilities and error tracking, which the founders anticipate will revolutionize data observability by identifying the precise causes of failures. Additionally, Tobiko facilitates the creation of "virtual data environments" that can be utilized across diverse projects, making it a versatile tool for data engineering teams in various industries, including unicorn startups.

Key Takeaways

  • Tobiko introduces a dbt-compatible cloud platform with a significant funding of $21.8 million.
  • The platform integrates SQLMesh and SQLGlot, bolstering data transformation and pipeline development.
  • Tobiko's tool provides SQL syntax checking and detailed error tracking for heightened data engineering.
  • The company targets businesses of all sizes, including FAANG-style companies and unicorn startups.
  • Tobiko's "virtual data environments" allow for the reuse of development setups across different projects.


Tobiko's innovative cloud platform, incorporating SQLMesh and SQLGlot, has the potential to disrupt data engineering by simplifying data interactions and pipeline development through a user-friendly interface. The platform’s deep understanding of SQL and error tracking enriches data observability, which is essential for businesses reliant on data integrity. The participation of investors like Theory Ventures and industry executives signifies their anticipation of significant market impact, potentially reshaping how FAANG companies and unicorn startups manage data. Furthermore, the platform’s "virtual data environments" offer scalability and efficiency, catering to a wide range of industries. In the short term, this could streamline data operations, while in the long term, it might establish new benchmarks in data management and engineering practices.

Did You Know?

  • SQLMesh and SQLGlot: These open-source tools are utilized for data manipulation and transformation. SQLMesh facilitates the development of data pipelines using SQL, providing version control and continuous integration for data transformations. On the other hand, SQLGlot serves as a SQL parser and interpreter that supports multiple SQL dialects, aiding in the development and debugging of SQL scripts.
  • Data Observability: This term refers to the ability to fully understand the health of data in real-time, involving tracking the quality, availability, and accuracy of data as it flows through systems. Tobiko's platform heightens data observability by providing detailed error tracking and SQL syntax checking, aiding in the prompt identification and resolution of data issues.
  • Virtual Data Environments (VDEs): VDEs are simulated environments where data engineers can develop, test, and deploy data pipelines without impacting the actual production data. These environments are isolated and can closely mimic the production setup, enabling safe experimentation and development. Through Tobiko's VDEs, efficiency and consistency in data engineering practices are enhanced across various projects.

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