TON Network Launches w3bflix Streaming and Crowdfunding Platform

TON Network Launches w3bflix Streaming and Crowdfunding Platform

Alessandro De Luca
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TON Network Unveils w3bflix: A Streaming and Crowdfunding Platform on TON Blockchain

In a significant update, the TON Network has launched w3bflix, a pioneering streaming and crowdfunding platform for films, designed to operate on the TON blockchain and accessible via a Telegram Mini App. This innovative platform aims to revolutionize the funding model for filmmakers and enhance user security and transparency.

Key Takeaways

  • TON Network introduces w3bflix, a platform for streaming and crowdfunding on the TON blockchain via a Telegram Mini App.
  • w3bflix offers a transparent funding model for filmmakers, ensuring direct viewer support and reduced fees.
  • The USDT-TON stablecoin pair has achieved a remarkable $200 million in circulation within a month, indicating the TON blockchain's increasing acceptance.


The launch of w3bflix marks a significant advancement in blockchain adoption for media and entertainment. This development has the potential to disrupt traditional streaming services, empowering filmmakers through decentralized funding. The growing circulation of USDT-TON stablecoin signals an increasing trust in the TON blockchain, likely attracting more developers and investors. This trend may prompt financial institutions and tech companies to adapt to the changing landscape of blockchain-based entertainment platforms and digital currencies.

Did You Know?

  • TON Network: The Telegram Open Network (TON) is a blockchain platform developed by the Telegram messaging app team, renowned for its fast, secure, and scalable transaction support.
  • w3bflix: This new initiative from TON Network offers a decentralized streaming and crowdfunding platform for films, accessible through the TON blockchain and the Telegram Mini App. It enables transparent funding for filmmakers, providing an interactive viewer experience.
  • USDT-TON stablecoin pair: Achieving a circulation milestone of $200 million in less than a month, the USDT-TON stablecoin pair signifies the growing acceptance and demand for the TON blockchain in the cryptocurrency market. This showcase of efficiency in supporting high transaction volumes makes TON an appealing option for developers and users alike.

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