Twitch Announces Price Hike for US Subscriptions

Twitch Announces Price Hike for US Subscriptions

Yasemin Avcı
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Twitch Announces Subscription Price Hike, U.S. Rates to Increase to $5.99

Twitch has revealed plans to raise the subscription price for U.S. users from $4.99 to $5.99 per month, commencing on July 11. This adjustment, the first of its kind for American subscribers, forms part of a wider global strategy to bolster creator support through Local Subscription Pricing, a method already in place in numerous other countries.

The company, a subsidiary of Amazon, has assured creators that they will retain between 50 to 70 percent of the subscription fee, potentially resulting in higher earnings per subscriber. However, the financial benefits hinging on stable or growing subscriber numbers amidst the price increase. The decision to enact this rise follows similar developments in Canada, Australia, Turkey, and the UK earlier this year, as outlined by Chief Monetization Officer Mike Minton.

Twitch has encountered several challenges in the year 2024, including substantial staff reductions and alterations to its revenue-sharing framework, all as part of its efforts to achieve profitability and viability.

Key Takeaways

  • Twitch is increasing the cost of its Tier 1 subscription in the U.S. from $4.99 to $5.99, effective from July 11.
  • This marks the inaugural increase in subscription fees for American users.
  • Content creators are set to maintain a revenue share ranging from 50-70%, potentially enhancing their earnings per subscription.
  • Twitch previously adjusted subscription prices in Canada, Australia, Turkey, and the UK earlier this year.
  • The organization executed a workforce reduction of 500 employees in January and restructured its Safety Advisory Council.


Twitch's decision to raise subscription prices in the U.S. aligns with previous adjustments on a global scale, with the objective of strengthening creator support through Local Subscription Pricing. While potentially boosting creator earnings per subscriber, this strategy depends on preserving subscriber numbers in the face of heightened fees. This move illustrates Twitch's drive for profitability following recent challenges, encompassing significant staff layoffs and alterations to its revenue model. In the short term, creators might witness a financial upturn if subscriber numbers remain constant, but the long-term implications hinge on consumer reactions to the price alteration and Twitch's capacity to sustain its market position. Furthermore, this shift could impact the pricing strategies of other streaming platforms and influence broader market dynamics.

Did You Know?

  • Local Subscription Pricing: A strategic approach wherein companies adjust subscription costs based on regional economic variables and purchasing power, with the aim of upholding competitive pricing and supporting creators worldwide.
  • Chief Monetization Officer (CMO): An executive title responsible for driving revenue through diverse channels and optimizing the monetization strategies of a company, especially within digital platforms like Twitch.
  • Revenue-Sharing Model: A business model in which revenue generated from sales or services is distributed among stakeholders, usually involving a percentage-based agreement between the platform (Twitch) and content creators (streamers).

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