Uber to Acquire Foodpanda Taiwan Business for $950 Million

Uber to Acquire Foodpanda Taiwan Business for $950 Million

Viktor Ivanov
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Uber to Acquire Foodpanda Taiwan Branch for $950 Million in Cash

In a significant move, Uber Technologies is poised to purchase the Taiwan business of Foodpanda from Delivery Hero for a staggering $950 million in cash. This transaction, contingent on regulatory approval, will also involve Delivery Hero selling $300 million in newly issued ordinary shares to Uber. The acquisition is set to fortify Uber's presence in Taiwan's food delivery market, which is currently underserved by online platforms. Notably, Foodpanda commands a dominant position in Taiwan, holding a 52% share by order volume, while Uber Eats controls the remaining 48%. Anticipated to finalize in the first half of 2025, this deal stands as one of the largest international acquisitions in Taiwan, excluding the semiconductor chip industry.

Key Takeaways

  • Uber is set to acquire the Taiwan branch of Foodpanda for $950 million in cash from Delivery Hero
  • The deal's closure is expected in the first half of 2025, subject to regulatory approval
  • Delivery Hero will vend $300 million in shares to Uber, redirecting its focus to other endeavors
  • The fiercely competitive Taiwan food delivery market is dominated by Foodpanda and Uber Eats
  • Foodpanda currently holds a 52% market share by order volume, with Uber Eats accounting for the remaining 48%
  • The acquisition aims to propel Uber's expansion in Taiwan's relatively small online food delivery market
  • This transaction ranks among the largest international acquisitions in Taiwan, excluding the semiconductor chip industry


Uber's acquisition of Foodpanda's Taiwan branch for $950 million reflects its ambition to stake a claim in Taiwan's food delivery sector. With Foodpanda's substantial 52% market share, this move is poised to bolster Uber's standing in the market. Meanwhile, the arrangement allows Delivery Hero to shift its resources after divesting its Taiwan business and securing $300 million in Uber shares. This development is poised to yield significant ramifications for local players, potentially leading to industry consolidation. Furthermore, it underscores the rising significance of food delivery platforms in the Asian market. Looking forward, we can anticipate further expansion and investment in this realm, augmenting the gig economy's growth.

Did You Know?

  • Acquisition: In this context, acquisition refers to Uber's procurement of Foodpanda's Taiwan branch from Delivery Hero. This deal will grant Uber control over Foodpanda's operations and assets in Taiwan, encompassing its market share and customer base. Acquisitions are prevalent in the business and tech sphere as a means for companies to widen their reach, delve into new markets, and gain access to novel technology or talent.
  • Regulatory approval: Before finalizing the acquisition, it necessitates approval from regulatory bodies. This process ensures that the acquisition complies with pertinent laws and regulations and serves the best interests of consumers and the market at large. In this instance, regulatory approval is pending for Uber's acquisition of Foodpanda's Taiwan branch.
  • Market share: Market share denotes the portion of the overall market controlled by a specific company. In this scenario, Foodpanda claims a 52% market share by order volume in Taiwan's food delivery market, while Uber Eats commands the remaining 48%. Monitoring market share is crucial for companies, as it denotes their relative strength and competitiveness in a given market.

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