Uber and Waymo Collaborate for Autonomous Food Delivery

Lucio Montoya
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What Happened:

Uber and Waymo are collaborating to introduce driverless food delivery, aiming to eliminate the need for human delivery drivers. The autonomous food delivery service has been launched in the Phoenix metropolitan area, allowing Waymo’s automated vehicles to complete the deliveries.

Key Takeaways:

  • Uber teams up with Waymo to implement driverless food delivery, potentially phasing out the need for human delivery drivers.
  • The service has been initiated in the Phoenix metropolitan area, indicating a significant step towards fully autonomous delivery.
  • This effort signifies a progression towards automated, worker-less production systems in the food delivery sector.


The collaboration between Uber and Waymo underscores a significant shift towards automation in the food delivery industry, potentially leading to widespread changes in employment and business dynamics. Additionally, the use of autonomous vehicles for food delivery reflects the broader trend of technology companies aiming to replace traditional forms of human labor with fully automated systems.

Do You Know?

  • "Gig work" was originally presented as a means to offer flexibility and independence to workers; however, it is now being revealed as a transitory phase in Silicon Valley's larger plan to replace traditional human labor with automation.
  • The collaboration between Uber and Waymo marks a key development in the journey towards fully autonomous food production and delivery systems.

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