UXLINK Redefines Social Networking Economics with Unique "Link-to-Earn" Strategy

UXLINK Redefines Social Networking Economics with Unique "Link-to-Earn" Strategy

Lucia Alvarez
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UXLINK, a social platform leveraging Telegram's massive user base, has rapidly garnered over seven million users from 190 countries in just over a year. The platform's innovative "link-to-earn" approach encourages users to invite others, earning points that can be utilized within the ecosystem. Notably, UXLINK has concluded its first phase of NFT distribution, indicating a strong foundation for ecosystem growth.

Key Takeaways

  • UXLINK, built on Telegram, has over 7 million users from 190 countries and has concluded its first phase of NFT distribution.
  • UXLINK utilizes Telegram's user base to build trust-based social connections on-chain, fostering user retention and engagement.
  • The platform pioneers a link-to-earn approach, encouraging users to share invitation links to earn UXUY points and establish social graphs on the blockchain.
  • UXLINK has over 4.4 million on-chain scores and 1.5 million NFT holders, demonstrating robust community engagement and potential for a sizable airdrop.
  • UXLINK follows a dual-token model with a total supply of 1 billion tokens, 65% allocated to community contributors and developers.


UXLINK's rapid growth, driven by its innovative "link-to-earn" model and integration with Telegram, has significant implications for the industry. This strategy not only accelerates user acquisition but also enhances engagement through community-centric incentives like NFTs and a dual-token system. In the short term, UXLINK's user base and NFT holders may benefit from increased platform utility and potential airdrops. In the long term, the success of this model could redefine social networking economics, influencing venture capital strategies and regulatory scrutiny on decentralized platforms.

Did You Know?

  • Link-to-Earn Strategy: A business model incentivizing users to invite others to join a platform by earning rewards or points, as seen in UXLINK.
  • Community NFTs: Non-Fungible Tokens designed for and distributed within a community, effectively incentivizing active participation and loyalty among users in UXLINK.
  • Dual-Token Model: A financial model used in blockchain and cryptocurrency platforms, as in UXLINK, balancing the needs of community contributors, developers, and users, with a majority of the total supply allocated to community contributors and developers.

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