Vercel Raises $250M in Series E Funding Round

Vercel Raises $250M in Series E Funding Round

Marcelina De Sousa
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Vercel Raises $250 Million in Series E Funding, Bringing Valuation to $3.25 Billion

In a significant development, Vercel, a cloud-based web application development platform, has successfully secured $250 million in a Series E funding round led by Accel, contributing to a valuation of $3.25 billion. This comes shortly after Vercel's $150 million Series D round led by GGV Capital. The San Francisco-based company, known for serving high-profile clients and surpassing $100 million in annualized revenue, intends to utilize the new funds to further enhance its AI product, v0, and streamline the migration of websites to cloud infrastructure.

Key Takeaways

  • Vercel secures $250 million in Series E funding, elevating its valuation to $3.25 billion, led by Accel with participation from existing investors CRV, GV, Notable Capital, Bedrock, Geodesic Capital, Tiger Global, 8VC, and SV Angel.
  • The platform offers an open-source framework for web application development and simplifies the migration to cloud infrastructure.
  • Vercel boasts prominent clients such as Under Armour, Unity, and Nintendo, and has exceeded $100 million in annualized revenue.
  • The new funding aims to advance Vercel's AI-driven v0 product for coding web applications using text descriptions.


Vercel's successful Series E fundraising, with support from Accel and existing investors, underscores the escalating demand for cloud-based web application development platforms. This reflects a broader trend of heightened investments in cloud infrastructure and AI technologies. The funding will fuel the expansion of Vercel's AI product, v0, empowering users to develop web applications through textual descriptions. This development may lead to accelerated innovation, potential market consolidation, and increased competition for traditional web development tools. Established clients of Vercel, including Under Armour, Unity, and Nintendo, are poised to benefit from these advancements. Long-term implications could include reinforcing the overall growth of cloud computing and AI-powered development.

Did You Know?

  • Vercel's AI Product, v0: This AI-enhanced tool aims to simplify web application development by enabling coding through text descriptions, leveraging artificial intelligence for code generation.
  • Series E Funding Round: This latest round signifies Vercel's successful fundraising of $250 million at a $3.25 billion valuation, following a prosperous Series D funding, signaling investor confidence and continued growth.
  • Prominent Investors: CRV, GV, Notable Capital, Bedrock, Geodesic Capital, Tiger Global, 8VC, and SV Angel are notable investment firms that participated in Vercel's Series E funding, affirming strong interest in the company's vision and potential.

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