Voodoo Acquires BeReal for €500M

Voodoo Acquires BeReal for €500M

Marcelo Franco
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Voodoo Acquires BeReal for €500 Million, Aims to Revitalize Authentic Social Networking

Voodoo, a prominent French mobile apps and games publisher, has made a substantial investment by purchasing BeReal for a staggering sum of €500 million. BeReal, recognized for its unique approach to social networking that promotes unfiltered, real-time interactions, currently boasts over 40 million active users. However, the platform has encountered difficulties in expanding its user base. In the wake of this acquisition, BeReal's co-founder and CEO, Alexis Barreyat, will be stepping down after a transitional period to pave the way for Aymeric Roffé, the current CEO of Voodoo’s social media app Wizz, to assume leadership. Voodoo intends to capitalize on its expertise in mobile product growth to rejuvenate BeReal, with a strong emphasis on organic and paid marketing strategies to enhance its market presence. This strategic move is anticipated to introduce new features and bolster BeReal's position as a leading platform for genuine social interactions, particularly in its key markets of the United States, Japan, and France, where half of the users engage with the app at least six days a week.

Key Takeaways

  • Voodoo acquires BeReal for €500 million, leading to the stepping down of BeReal's CEO, Alexis Barreyat.
  • BeReal, with over 40 million active users, grappled with challenges in expanding its user base and funding constraints.
  • Voodoo aims to leverage its experience to elevate BeReal into an iconic social network focusing on authenticity.
  • BeReal's unique features include daily push notifications for unedited posts within a two-minute window.
  • Voodoo plans to realign BeReal's growth through organic and paid marketing, targeting key markets in the U.S., Japan, and France.


Voodoo's acquisition of BeReal for €500 million addresses the growth stagnation and funding issues that BeReal has been facing. The strategic shift, marked by CEO Alexis Barreyat's departure and Aymeric Roffé's leadership, is aimed at capitalizing on Voodoo's growth expertise. This move has the potential to breathe new life into BeReal through enhanced marketing efforts and the introduction of new features, ultimately reinforcing its market position in the U.S., Japan, and France. However, the seamless integration of BeReal's unique authenticity focus with Voodoo's growth strategies holds the key to retaining its core user base and ensuring long-term success by striking a delicate balance between expansion and maintaining the appeal of unfiltered social interactions.

Did You Know?

  • BeReal: A social networking app that emphasizes authentic, unfiltered interactions. It sends daily push notifications prompting users to post unedited photos within a two-minute window, encouraging real-time, genuine sharing.
  • Voodoo: A prominent French mobile apps and games publisher renowned for its expertise in scaling mobile products. It focuses on both organic and paid marketing strategies to enhance the market presence of its products.
  • Alexis Barreyat: Co-founder and former CEO of BeReal, who led the app's development and initial growth. He is stepping down after the acquisition by Voodoo, transitioning leadership to Aymeric Roffé.

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